EACON 2012 – Plastic Model Competition Rules and Regulation

To all plastic model enthusiasts, the Plastic Model Competition is back for the 2nd year running! This year’s 2012 competition will be held on 15th to 16th December 2012. The competition is now open for registration so don’t miss out this chance to show your skills! Start registering now at plastic.model@yahoo.com!

This year’s competition consists of the following categories:

  • Category A: 1/144 Scale
  • Category B: 1/100 Scale
  • Open Category C
  • Open Category D

RX-79BDR-01 Blue Destiny Unit 1 Kai

I have been thinking a while turning Blue Destiny Unit 1 into upgrade version. So I decided to get some ideas from various GM designs which ended up removing the twin chest weapons and replaced with intake duct nozzle. The other twin chest missiles now becomes sensor range.

Most of the parts you see are belongs to GM type C and some broken Powered GM. I gives a lot of thought having version KA like. Somehow ended up looks weird, probably because of my fail coloring issue was the cause of it.

Yeah, I tested out the Tamiya white prime 1000. The result were so bad or whatever I might mixed the wrong colors, but no. you can see the white colors are unbalance as few areas looks light and dark. I never expect this would happen and eventually trying using the whole can before starting applying the final painting. It just simply doesn't work no matter how much I spray on it. This shows white prime never was good choice for me and best to go for gray if I could find in local store tomorrow.

Click more to view the rest of the photos!

No! No! No Toys!

Yes, no toys order for this month! Ha! I really manage to hold off and able to control my madness buying toys nowadays. Can't say that it's 100% never spend on anything but did pre-order four Chinese Hobby Japan Age wear Razor exclusive magazines from Hong Kong. Okay, it actually saves at least 10-15% compared buying direct from Japan nowadays.

September really bad for me, almost everything falls at this month. Car insurance and servicing, air con water leaking, back pain and many exclusive toys pre-order just happen recently. Well, luckily some of the exclusive stuffs did fall on next year so I am pretty safe at the moment.

RGM-79QR GM Quel Refined

Okay, it sure took me quite long maybe five or six months back to get the photos up. Thanks to myself packing the room so much toys and useless stuffs around near the photo booth. Once I got the plastic container, I clear it up and starts taking the photo of my Gunpla works again. But somehow my Gunpla caught up with lots of dust!

Anyway, nothing much to say about this build. Everything done on the mixing and well, looks good. LOL!

Next EACON on 12 2012

Yep, the next EACON upcoming event going to held in December this year. As far I more interested is the Gunpla competitions which currently the rules not yet known to the modelers yet. However, because the increase collectors and slowly expose over the year in Brunei. This is grantee going to be challenging which is of course depending how the organizers arrange the categories and rules.

I'm not really sure about the numbers of entries this year as I didn't join the BPG 1st Anniversary last week but there are without doubt many great modelers participate on the contest showing their great works in the FB. There are chances seeing more participants hitting EACON Gunpla contest.

However, I do need to be very careful which categories I about to submit. Last year was quite disaster choice and ended up seeing my Gunpla against the Star War and Diaroma car. So to avoid that mistake, I have to submit to the right categories instead. Still, finger cross.

Support Planetary Annihilation!


Yes support them by visiting kickstarter!

Woot! This Planet Annihilation project really greatly impress a lot of us and hitting over US$1,161,560 today (and counting)! Now everyone and Uber Entertainment Inc are keep their eyes on the US$1,300,000 goal which I decided to jump aboard supporting this project by giving pledge US$100.00 and hopefully seeing more great features coming to this new RTS game!

If you are previous owner of Total Annihilation and you love the damn games, you must support this project because we are going to have fun throwing asteroids and blowing up planets next year!

Play-Asia.com Officially a Ripper

For my own opinions, PA really going too far over their pricing for the collector editions stuffs. I have no idea what the fuck happen to their great pre-order services, it was total big let down ever that I can't imagine missing both pre-order on the Diablo 3 and with sudden ridiculous double pricing for Guild Wars 2 collector editions in a trusted store this year. It never was like this being a long time customer able to get so many great collector stuffs without single price problem hitting the order buttons. But now, either the pre-orders button never shows up even after the date line or bother giving any answers if they can officially getting those products.

PA decided to went into ripping off mode on the customers money by playing eBay style doubling the price. Yeah, Guild Wars 2 CE is now priced at US$299.00 instead of official US$149.99. This is the biggest shit I ever expect this outcome from such a popular trusted site. I am now officially black listing and decided to delete Play-Asia.Com in my favorite and start looking else where.

YesAsia.com Manga - August 2012

Finally got my latest order for the manga books last month during Yesasia.com summer sales. Not a lot of course, but I just couldn't hold myself picking up Attack on Titan volume one to five after getting some price slash love. If you never heard of it, I do recommend check it out. Attack on Titan is actually quite popular and won an award as well. What surprise me is the live action movie going to open next year.

As usual, I also grab two Gundam series. For one was Gundam Unicorn Bande Dessinee volume 2 and I am so happy getting MSV The Return of Johnny Ridden volume one too. I have been waited for two years after the manga start on June 2010. there's no way I am going to missed the pre-order!

As for the addition, the new Biohazard: Marhawa Desire volume one manga released last month. I didn't check the details of the story but the drawing looks really good and started this year. Well, I got to wait until I sit in the toilet than I will starts reading.