Fansproject - TFX-05 Sidearm Mini Review

TFX-05 Sidearm is the latest release along the same day with TFX-04 Protector last end 2010. Basically is just an optional Targetmaster toy and gold parts for Henkei Rodimus version in TFX-04 Protector mode. However, you just can’t go wrong with the price of US$9.99.

Hobby Base: Model Cover Big Square

This is the latest toy display plastic case base small version released last year from Hobby Base and sold for ¥1,800 each. It was an ideal made for any 1/144, 1/100 scale robots on bases, standing 1/60 robots, and 1/6 dolls. It measures 31cm wide by 31cm deep by 46cm tall, with an inner measurement of 30 x 30 x 42cm.

Hobby Base: Model Cover Middle Square

This is the latest toy display plastic case base small version released last year from Hobby Base and sold for ¥980 each. It was an ideal made for any 1/144, 1/100 and 1/48 aircraft. This is also suitable for Transformers deluxe, voyager, ultra and supreme class. It measures 25cm wide by 22cm deep by 31cm tall, with an inner measurement of 24 x 21 x 27cm.

Hobby Base: Model Cover Rectangle

This is the latest toy display plastic case base small version released last year from Hobby Base and sold for ¥1,280 each. It was an ideal made for any 1/144, 1/35 tanks, 1/20 and 1/24 car models. This is also suitable for Transformers deluxe and some voyager class. It measures 29cm wide by 16cm deep by 21cm tall, with an inner measurement of 28 x 15 x 18cm.

Stateless Getting Upgrade to Real Bruneian?

Is it a dream come true for us stateless? It is joy news for me? No because it’s not a good news. I am continued to have a feeling finger cross over this news unless we know more about it. The Brunei Times today publish the news doesn’t provide convincing information on how the ministry going to grant the stateless to citizenship. In my side, most nine out of ten of my friends still don’t believe on the news and thinks we will continue the same require citizenship examination.

Let’s start with the bad information and speculations. According to rumors circling around, it appear that the reason behind this announcement because Brunei was unable or qualify to join some sort UN like world organization reason due to low citizenship population living in the country. So to overcome this problem, ‘M’ has to solve this by granting stateless to citizenship by means increasing the population. For my personal thought, these methods could just simply apply to the elderly and retirement employees making up the numbers.

Another issue is human right concern raise by the other party. Although I do ever heard other countries does voice the concern about us being stateless issue for many years. People suspect this is also part of the reason why it happens.

I don’t know why human right thingy came up in the discussion because I never felt offended being stateless from the age I born. I am fine with the life today. Just a same complains unable to apply housing loan for my family. Well for others, the worst that if anything happen outside Brunei while traveling. Our embassy doesn’t give a fuck about you especially in accidents and need of funds for operations. I bet many local PR doesn’t know this and it’s a true fact. Why? We are stateless and not recognize by Brunei even any countries. Just travel safe people.

For now, let’s consider this normal news until you have more information and truly being call to get citizenship.

Hobby Base: Model Cover Square Small

This is the latest toy display plastic case base small version released last year from Hobby Base and sold for ¥580 each. It was an ideal made for any 1/144 (or smaller) model scale, also suitable for Transformers deluxe and some voyager class. It measures 16cm wide by 16cm deep by 21cm tall, with an inner measurement of 15 x 15 x 18cm.

Pre-Order AOZ Wagtail Upgrade

First of all, Gundam sales have just begun again at Hobby Link Japan yesterday. Don’t miss it if you are celebrating Chinese New Year (a good chance to spend less). I myself already pick up three HGUC RGM-79C GM Type C (and others) kits two hours ago. I can’t help how much my love on the upcoming Advance of Z ‘Wagtail’ upgrades kit release on March. Dengeki Hobby already shows the teaser in their recent release magazine this month so check out below.

Damn nice isn’t it? What a great looking GM! This is what I want from Bandai, for a whole fresh new design looks for soldiers. I really hope they just release GM III because it going to appear in Unicorn movie anyway.

Ultramarine: Warhammer 40K Movie

If you are fan of Warhammer 40K, you probably know the latest Dawn of War II: Retribution pre-order is up this month and to be release on March. But what I didn’t know is that there is movie already released last year called Ultramarine which produce by Codex Productions.

I just watch this yesterday and it’s not bad at all. The story is good. But I have complains, first are the land scenarios are too plain and the Ultramarine is almost drawn as bunch of old peoples. Even I don’t read the novels. Most of these marines are cybernetic human. So it’s hard to imagine them all looks old.

The action and the fighting scene are done pretty good but without any sense. I don’t want to say completely read the novels and understand the history of Ultramarine. What I do know, they are one of the strongest marine of all. In the movie, they all used gun and don’t have any single melee weapons with them except the captain. I remember the marine mostly carry knife, it appear the movie doesn’t. Hmm…

Anyhow, the movie is originally released in DVD, so you can get it from the official website (or illegal download). Currently at the store, Game Workshop is selling the collector edition (for limited time) for US$39.98 and shipped internationally. Man, I wish they made an action figures.

Grimlock is Lost at Air

Sorry for not posting anything for weeks now. I’m really dead busy with the recent works and was forced to volunteer doing video live feed control for the company events. This is the stupidest job ever, sitting there controlling the camera around, getting complain and had to listen stupid advice how I should handle the cam. I don’t get paid working on that and had to waste my night working. No one really had any respect on that day.

Speaking of bad day, I have three orders haven’t arrive yet in Brunei. Almost coming two months now and this started to worry me because one of my orders is Masterpiece Grimlock. I contacted both Brunei for enquiry if it arrived, in case someone tried stealing it. Until today, no luck hearing coming in. But I do have some information from the Brunei Mail Processing Center. According to them, there are problem with the US and Hong Kong air delivery last month who order from the beginning weeks. Still, I’m worry.

For EMS postal, nothing to worry about since it’s a global service. I manage to receive safely from Japan and one registered mail from RK that shipped out before end of December.

In this photo above, I ordered four different size Hobby Base display plastic case and a Hobby Japan Feb 2011 magazine with GN Saber IV. Nah, one is enough already. As for the display plastic base, I will post a separate post for each different size soon.

The second picture above, yeah, finally the Generation Protector upgrade arrived for Generation/Henkei Rodimus. Love it! Review soon. oh, that is a free gift.

First KO Gunpla

Indeed it was. I really hate myself breaking the law getting KO Gunpla (sorry Bandai) products. It just that I want the I.W.S.P backpack so badly for my Seed VS Astray upgrade. So I decided to grab two of the KO MG Strike E Gundam I.W.S.P directly off from eBay cheap.
In case you wonder what should I do with the body. It will be scrap for used in parts, modifications including perfectly mix and match for HG1/100. If you asked me about the quality, well it’s okay. Just need some works on the sanding, repairs and spray painting to get rid of the bad plastic.

PC Parts Arrived from KL 2010

At last! My long awaited computer parts have finally reached me today! I have been waited for at least coming month receiving it due to him going for courses and vacation last month. Luckily he comes to work all else I not even sure when I suppose to received it.

What I got here are WD Caviar Green 500GB SATA HDD, Kingston DDR 1GB 400 and Scandisk Cruzer Blade 8GB USB flash drive. All of them brought from Plaza Low Yat at KL. Total spend, just only B$125.00. Seriously, it’s really damn cheap.

I actually wanted to go for larger size hard disk. But due to my behavior on the spending on toys are too heavy. So I just temporary go for the smaller purchase. I am planning to stock a bit DDR/DDRII memory ram next time including the older P4 478 and 775 sockets motherboard. My current PC is having quite a lot of trouble lately. Auto restart for no reason when idle which I suspect the warranty Corsair DDRII sent to me has compatibility problem. Hate it when these kinds of things happen.

E-Shops and Toys Page Update

This week I will be doing changes and update on my blog. For this year, I decided putting up addition pages for E-Shops and toys. No secret to everyone over the online shops. No worry, I will update from time to time on the new discovery and reviews. Feel free to asked any questions and concerns about the websites I listed on the blog. Before that, please read the review first.

Regarding about the toys page, I just wanted to lists out easily for all the years collections posted in the blog. Any latest toy reviews cover by me will be listed as well. Not sure if I should mixed the Gunpla on the same page or not. That will decide later after finishing update.

Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise + I.W.S.P – WIP #1

I simply can’t argue the new year holiday days is boring until I decided to plan things ahead early with MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise + I.W.S.P project. Same as usual, it will be done in straight build and spray painting.
The inner frame has already completed yesterday including the head and movable hands. As you can see, the body armors color has been replace rather than white. I decided to approach a bit first version Astray color while the rest go for gray. When I look at the completed head, damn it was good. I definitely can’t wait to see how it going to turn out after completing. This is a good opportunity to reduced the used of white spray paints since it hard to stock up these days.
The rest will continue hopefully this week if there aren’t any activities. I also did a stock check on my Gunpla collections. Looks like I clear some and beginning to show less occupy in the big box. Thanks to the recent popular Transformers and the 3rd party toys keeps me company. Nonetheless, Dengeki Hobby just announced last month magazine that there will be new Advance of Z upgrade add-on for HGUC GM Type C release end of March. I am going mad on this one for sure.