Ultramarine: Warhammer 40K Movie

If you are fan of Warhammer 40K, you probably know the latest Dawn of War II: Retribution pre-order is up this month and to be release on March. But what I didn’t know is that there is movie already released last year called Ultramarine which produce by Codex Productions.

I just watch this yesterday and it’s not bad at all. The story is good. But I have complains, first are the land scenarios are too plain and the Ultramarine is almost drawn as bunch of old peoples. Even I don’t read the novels. Most of these marines are cybernetic human. So it’s hard to imagine them all looks old.

The action and the fighting scene are done pretty good but without any sense. I don’t want to say completely read the novels and understand the history of Ultramarine. What I do know, they are one of the strongest marine of all. In the movie, they all used gun and don’t have any single melee weapons with them except the captain. I remember the marine mostly carry knife, it appear the movie doesn’t. Hmm…

Anyhow, the movie is originally released in DVD, so you can get it from the official website (or illegal download). Currently at the store, Game Workshop is selling the collector edition (for limited time) for US$39.98 and shipped internationally. Man, I wish they made an action figures.


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