Grimlock is Lost at Air

Sorry for not posting anything for weeks now. I’m really dead busy with the recent works and was forced to volunteer doing video live feed control for the company events. This is the stupidest job ever, sitting there controlling the camera around, getting complain and had to listen stupid advice how I should handle the cam. I don’t get paid working on that and had to waste my night working. No one really had any respect on that day.

Speaking of bad day, I have three orders haven’t arrive yet in Brunei. Almost coming two months now and this started to worry me because one of my orders is Masterpiece Grimlock. I contacted both Brunei for enquiry if it arrived, in case someone tried stealing it. Until today, no luck hearing coming in. But I do have some information from the Brunei Mail Processing Center. According to them, there are problem with the US and Hong Kong air delivery last month who order from the beginning weeks. Still, I’m worry.

For EMS postal, nothing to worry about since it’s a global service. I manage to receive safely from Japan and one registered mail from RK that shipped out before end of December.

In this photo above, I ordered four different size Hobby Base display plastic case and a Hobby Japan Feb 2011 magazine with GN Saber IV. Nah, one is enough already. As for the display plastic base, I will post a separate post for each different size soon.

The second picture above, yeah, finally the Generation Protector upgrade arrived for Generation/Henkei Rodimus. Love it! Review soon. oh, that is a free gift.


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