First KO Gunpla

Indeed it was. I really hate myself breaking the law getting KO Gunpla (sorry Bandai) products. It just that I want the I.W.S.P backpack so badly for my Seed VS Astray upgrade. So I decided to grab two of the KO MG Strike E Gundam I.W.S.P directly off from eBay cheap.
In case you wonder what should I do with the body. It will be scrap for used in parts, modifications including perfectly mix and match for HG1/100. If you asked me about the quality, well it’s okay. Just need some works on the sanding, repairs and spray painting to get rid of the bad plastic.


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  2. Bro, would like to know as you had experience buying from long did they process your order and then ship them?
    Am asking as i bought a few items from them.. and its been a week and i paid them last Thursday for my order.

  3. It depends. HLJ is a very popular Japan toy site so expect processing order a bit slower especially during the holiday on both Sat and Sun.

    not to mention due to their latest changes on the pricing, there is no doubt lots of buyers hitting their site hard. dont worry, they are genuine toy seller and i have been buying from them almost five to six years.

  4. Owh aight.. i hope it does arrive soon. Its been awhile since i made my first Gundam. Now since i bought some at Miri, i caught the bug. Old hobby new dawn of age.. LOL.. Bought a few more on, the following day that i bought from Miri. Just worried/too exicted to get my items. If they do arrive i can estimate when the next shipment may arrive, if i do buy some more and i might. =D
    Thanks for the Info! Really appreciate it.


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