Stateless Getting Upgrade to Real Bruneian?

Is it a dream come true for us stateless? It is joy news for me? No because it’s not a good news. I am continued to have a feeling finger cross over this news unless we know more about it. The Brunei Times today publish the news doesn’t provide convincing information on how the ministry going to grant the stateless to citizenship. In my side, most nine out of ten of my friends still don’t believe on the news and thinks we will continue the same require citizenship examination.

Let’s start with the bad information and speculations. According to rumors circling around, it appear that the reason behind this announcement because Brunei was unable or qualify to join some sort UN like world organization reason due to low citizenship population living in the country. So to overcome this problem, ‘M’ has to solve this by granting stateless to citizenship by means increasing the population. For my personal thought, these methods could just simply apply to the elderly and retirement employees making up the numbers.

Another issue is human right concern raise by the other party. Although I do ever heard other countries does voice the concern about us being stateless issue for many years. People suspect this is also part of the reason why it happens.

I don’t know why human right thingy came up in the discussion because I never felt offended being stateless from the age I born. I am fine with the life today. Just a same complains unable to apply housing loan for my family. Well for others, the worst that if anything happen outside Brunei while traveling. Our embassy doesn’t give a fuck about you especially in accidents and need of funds for operations. I bet many local PR doesn’t know this and it’s a true fact. Why? We are stateless and not recognize by Brunei even any countries. Just travel safe people.

For now, let’s consider this normal news until you have more information and truly being call to get citizenship.


  1. oh yea, I just notice this news too, I read the whole publication and yes, there is not timeline and no one will know how long will it take to process and how easy it is to take the citizenship. If it requires us to sit for the exam, then it is the same, We have work to be committed and business to manage.

    Based on the rumors, yes, it is nice to know about that too. Thanks


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