Fansproject - TFX-05 Sidearm Mini Review

TFX-05 Sidearm is the latest release along the same day with TFX-04 Protector last end 2010. Basically is just an optional Targetmaster toy and gold parts for Henkei Rodimus version in TFX-04 Protector mode. However, you just can’t go wrong with the price of US$9.99.
The packing uses the same as the previous TFX-03 Weapons set for City Commander packages. It just different color and items pack inside. Inside the package, you can sees in the photo below that conatains 1x card manual, 1x sidearm toy figure, 2x upper gold plate wing and trailer gold plate wing.

Let’s take a look at Sidearm. As you can see, there aren’t much articulation build on the toy. Only the movable area is the arms and chest area. It is disappointed seeing such problem and wondering why FP doesn’t making the whole figure with better movable articulation.

The quality plastic quality is good and with clean details.

Targetmaster mode transformation is easy 123. Although I did discover minor issue holding the gun for Generation Rodimus., it was nothing. Oh, yes, it does works for others Transformers toys.

Looks cool huh? Well, let’s see the Arrow gun mode.

As you can see in the photo above, the gold wings (or none gold wings) can be attached to the side of the Sidearm legs. Quite a nice little feature but do warn that in some cases, it might cause some limited posing and blocking issue. Generation/Henkei Rodimus was one of them. Weird huh?

  • Good price.
  • Quality detail made.
  • Minor issue attaching wing parts in Sidearm legs.


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