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Where’s my car? Everyone is asking me this same question over and over again until today. My answer, I don’t know. KIA Sportage 2011 is a crazy hit around the world and recently received international car of the year award. This definitely going boosts up the sales and everyone had to prepare for the worst shortage supplies by the local car company. I already feel impatient and cancel Hyundai Tucson 2010 last year waiting almost for seven months. Now I have to experience the same issue all over again. It’s time for me to move on for alternative car.

There are currently already two cars in mind after I went to KIA show room in KB yesterday. First choice KIA Cerato (Forte) 1.6 Auto five door and the second is KIA Cerato (Forte) 2.0 Auto Sedan. Both of them listed in very good price and pack with nice features compare to any other brands in Brunei. I have to say my most favorite at the moment is KIA Cerato hatchback. I like the design and the rear almost has identical design feel like Sportage 2011. Still, there is a problem. The shipment for this 5 doors model is quite few so I might simply go for Sedan. BTW, both come with same 5 years warranty or 150,00KM, not bad.

Okay, you might think I am a KIA fan. I’m not, it’s not like I never did any survey for other brands. It just almost all of them can’t meet my expectation especially the design and requirements except the Ford Fiesta Sedan 2011 launched last year on December. The new Fiesta does look appealing, good price and attractive. But there are major drawbacks for my personal taste.

Firstly, no USB port and only has line in jack. Secondly, there is only one Fiesta model available in Brunei market. Thirdly the Premier Motor sales agent has lack on information about SYNC feature built in. However, they told me it comes with Bluetooth. But they didn’t demo to me how it work even there are two display car in the show room.

When Jeremy Clarkson reviews Fiesta five door versions on Top Gear two years ago, I feel like I want to get it one day. Sadly, the new version simply just disappointed, it doesn’t pack with the cool feature that the American heavily advertises. For your information, SYNC is made by Microsoft. So I don’t understand why they don’t want to bring over to Asia market.


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