Grimlock Has Arrived!

I am suppose to post last week. So lazy ended up forgeting already.Here is my first Transformers Masterpiece toy I brought from RK and lost at air for two months. Nobody knows why the Hong Kong and US postal delivery were delay for so long last year.

It actually took me more than one month decided buying one. Yes, it is expensive and sooner if I continue to making late decision. The price will definitely jump up. Grimlock Masterpiece is quite an epic and fastest selling Transformers toy, even the US version sold out less than two weeks for US$69.90 at RK. Because my over spending habits, I actually missed it since I planned not needing those accessories and apron in the Japanese version. Well, it just did.

I never thought about Masterpiece Grimlock is going to be that large size box. Also he is quite a big size toy, even taller than Ultra Magnus after upgrade and Voyager class. My impressions about the toy quality are mixed however. Few flaws discover and unhappy about it. Nonetheless, I was lucky enough to get the nice price for these new figure only US$110.00.


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