CNY 2011 – Celebration Day 1

Not much happy things or visiting going on for me. My new car didn’t even manage to arrived on time so I just take the holiday as an opportunity to rest and tried to do something fun (actually boring) even thinking about spending time building Gunpla. Well, it didn’t work out. However, it doesn’t I don’t have any activities.

First day of Chinese New Year, I was there in the Chinese temple in KB to celebrate the countdown. Of course I’m not alone. Luckily my friends were there to take photos so I joined in the fun. This year is a bit different compare to the past celebrations. The Chinese community and the organizers decided to throw in lots of fireworks, and then lion dance for the opening including the extra for some local singing live on the stage.
Everyone and the foreigners are expecting going to be lots of entertainments there for the first time. But it always just didn’t turn out the idea we are expecting. The events were called to halt after 2.00AM by the young police officer from BSB even the KB and the panaga head officer can’t do anything about it. There are already one month approvals but that is not enough because the organizers did not apply for road traffic control and got complains of road blockage. If they don’t complied, the officer will issue raid in the events.

I have to admit the crowds did actually cause the whole road jam up and the ambulance having a hard time passing through. Worst those suckers didn’t even bother to give way especially the cars parked in the middle. This is the mistake the organizers never take note or learn from the previous year’s lessons. It’s sad to see this event end like that so I hope next year they plan better and communications with the police officer in BSB.
Anyway, the event was ended at 2.45AM as far I remember and full of fireworks smell all over me. Damn those organizer workers putting the fireworks so near to the entrance during the countdown. Everyone first thought they were going to put up on the top. That was not the case after we realized them going to light up in front of us. No safety at all and check the surrounding if there are any children before lighting up the fireworks. Luckily no injuries among the crowds, all else there won’t be any event anymore next year I guarantee.


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