CNY 2011 – Miri Night Stay

My only visit is at my grandmother house, no other places. Most of my aunt and uncle went on vacation and travel to neighboring country so just a few people there. Normally most of us stay at home in the morning for first day before visiting the others. This year simply just different, I just stay until 12PM and went back to sleep. At the same time, I had to bring my sister going down to Miri.

She is flying to Singapore next day using AirAsia at 8.20AM flight and must check in before two hours. If we choose going down at 6AM next day. I’m sure we may not make it on time. I was mad actually and find it how stupid my sister was booking the ticket on the 1st day of CNY. We both have to waste the money booking a hotel and dinner staying over in Miri. No different at all booking a ticket in Brunei and better yet can visit our cousins before flying off. This is why I don’t like the cheapness of my sister making the situations inconvenient.

First day usually is the quiet time for less people going down to Miri. Not many shops are going to open that day. We didn’t encounter any traffic during 6.00PM and smoothly reach there. But I have to say the Miri customs are rude and racists as usual. I didn’t bother much anyway.

The hotel we are staying is in Imperial Palace Hotel. I heard is a newly renovate and opening last year. There are mixed reaction from my friends about the place. Well, to us the room is big, clean and Astro provided for just RM$147.00 for weekdays rate. Quite a lot of local Malay is staying there as well even the underground parking lot almost occupy by the Bruneian.

Night is very boring, few restaurants and shops open. But we are hungry and have to find some place to eat. After a long walk, we just decided to check out Japanese food restaurant called ‘Sanga’. It suck though, there is 25% service charge. No matter what, I just want to try out and compare our locals one.

The good things about the Miri restaurants are they served alcohols. So we order hot sake and tried it.

This is Teriyaki Ramen beef, quite nice but not enough to fill your stomach.

We also order similar sushi found in our local restaurant menu. Not much of the choice and expensive too even though it’s in Malaysian ringgit. If you want to compare, I personally suggest enjoying the local one instead.


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