Garage Sales Update – March 2011

My new car is confirming arriving and should be getting by next week due to the blue card still pending for processing. Damn I didn’t expect these to happen as I hopefully going for Cerato five doors 2011 instead. Somehow things weren’t always I wanted to happen.

The bad news is, once I got the new car. There won’t be be any chance to buy toys again starting on May. The monthly loan payment is quite high for SUV car so I am barely have enough every month. Not just that, other family responsibility too. I need to calculate again once the payment start so at the meantime. I am going to clear and let go some of my toys and PC hardware’s to help reduced the future burden.

Anyone who is interested can contact me through the email. You can check the newly listed items and price update in my page soon for more information’s. I will make a PDF catalog also for easy viewing. The catalog is now available for download!


  • Gundam OO DX Figure: Nena Trinity =B$16.00
  • Figma Drossel *NIB* = B$55.00 (Booked!)
  • Sekirei Kusano by Movic 2006 = B$25.00 (-B$10.00)


  • TT Hong Li MG Gundam Strike-E = B$18.00
  • Bandai MG Force Impulse Gundam w/water decal = B$65.00
  • Bandai HG Gundam OO Designer Color Ver. w/water decal = B$65
  • Bandai HG 1/100 Seravee Gundam Designer Color Ver. w/water decal = B$55.00
  • Bandai HG 1/100 Cherudim Gundam Decal = B$5.00
  • Bandai HG 1/100 Arios Gundam Decal = B$5.00


  • Transformers E-Hobby (Tokyo Exclusive) Dreadwing and Smokescreen = B$145.00
  • Transformers Universe (25 Years): Bruticus Maximus *MSIB* = B$120.00 (Sold!)

Revoltech Toys:

  • Revoltech 2G Toro Inoue #029 = B$29.00
  • Revoltech 2G Toro Inoue #029 (New face) = B$29.00
  • Revoltech 2G Kuro Limited Edition #029 = B$40.00
  • Revoltech 2G Kuro Limited Edition #029 (New Face) *NIB* =B$42.00
  • Revoltech 2G Jun Mihara #048 *NIB* = B$28.00
  • Revoltech 2G Suzuki #049 = B$26.00
  • Revoltech EVA-01 Type F AFC Experiment = B$18.00
  • Yamaguchi Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann #079 = B$25.00
  • Yamaguchi ARX-08 Laevatein #059 = B$23.00
  • Yamaguchi ARX-07 Arbalest #081 = B$22.00


  • Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Chassis (Used) = B$160.00 (To be posted within two week for requiring hardware inspects and cleaning)
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU Cooling Heatsink *NIB* = B$30.00


  1. Hi, I want Figma Drossel n btw what does NIB means :)

  2. how do i email u? drop me an email at tnx


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