March Order 11 - HLJ

If it wasn’t because I lost the HGUC GM Striker clear visor, I wouldn’t have to place more order again at HLJ. No idea how the heck it can lose inside the box. Everything was ready to spray painting but I simply cannot continue to work on it with a lost part and had to find another head replacement.

Thanks to Bandai, the HGUC RX-79[G] Gundam: The Ground War set is the savior to my problem. One Gundam and two GM heads is enough already.

I also stock up Kotobukiya weapons and hands for the future use. Only one is HiQ parts painting clips which I find it worth for purchase.

Frame Arms SA-17 Rapiere and Border Break Modeling Works with limited special weapons are my new collection. When Frame Arms first announced by Kotobukiya last year, I plan to get some of them. Due to the high pricing, I was turned away by it. Only until today I decided to get one because I like female mecha design.

Border Break mecha will be my next collections soon probably end of this year. For now, I just need to focus finished building the rest of them before getting them.


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