March Order 11 - KO Toys and HM Shop

There are more coming, currently three orders just arrived this weeks. There are my first purchase from KO Toys and HM Shop. If you remember my previous post introducing the shop that selling knock off Transformers toys. Well, I decided to get some from them to check out myself how good the quality of the toy.

In this photo, I order a KO Universe 2.0 Optimus Prime black version and KO Fansproject City commander upgrade. The purple seeker is a free toy given by the store owner as an apology because my order was delay from the beginning of January this year.

I have to say the quality of this KO TF toys are not bad especially the purple seeker. Almost exactly a same thing from the original made. The only disappointed purchase is the KO FP City Commander upgrade, the shoulder and arms are very loose which can’t be used. There goes my money for KO stuff.

HM Shop was a Singaporean shop and introduced by G-Tyro blog. I did found some stuff over there to order. So I decided to get Zaku Hobby Mate energy pipe sets (for repairing), a MA 1/100 articulation hands and a DX Hobby 1/144 Gundam Unicorn Gatling guns.

Sadly, the articulation hand sucks big time on assembling and damn hard putting together. I suggest everyone to stick with Kotobukiya hands set instead.


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