Karnival Motor 2008 in Kuala Belait - Update

I went to the Karnival Motor today. I missed it on the first and second days, so I have to check out the place together with my camera to snap more photos in my home town. I have to say I quite enjoy with it and sadly, experience raining after I reach there yesterday. People do find me funny taking pictures like I am some kind of motor fan or something. The funnier is that when I was inside the Government building, a sales lady (from Linktech booth) asked me if I am from the local media or from the RTB. ^o^ Haha… I told her that I am a blogger and she was like. ‘What was that again?’ She never heard about blogger, so probably she is not really onto reading about weblog. I do guess she know a little, hopefully. But it was nice someone actually do ask me such question. Well, I carried a cheap Canon PowerShot A710IS. Do you think I am from the press?

Please do note that I was able to find out some of the motor companies when I was there except those inside building I got the cards and name from the photos. I was too obsessed with the cars there. They are simply gorgeous and it’s like I never been to a motor show or something for so long. So I don’t even bother to ask which companies them from. ^^;;; Anyway, just found out the companies. Here’s the companies that participates in the carnival 2008 in our town:-

  • NBT Brunei
  • T.C.Y. Motors SDN BHD
  • Setia Motors SDN BHD
  • Premier Motor Company SDN BHD
  • United Motors SDN BHD
  • Worldwide Motor SDN BHD
  • LinkTech SDN BHD
  • Profitable Plots Groups
  • Steling SDN BHD
  • B.T.Jetline Trading Company
  • Guan Electrical SDN BHD
  • K.K.Chan
  • Copynice Marketing Services SDN BHD
  • Brusin Trading CO. SDN BHD
  • Tek Modular SDN BHD
  • LL’s Collection
  • Britmart

Check out the photos. All photos are taken with Canon PowerShot A710 IS and all picture has been resized to 1280x960 using Live Photo Gallery. Cheers! Visit the Karnival in Kuala Belait before the end of 3rd February.

Update (1/2/2008) - Complete caption listing, correcting photo organize and adding missing companies including no more auto play picture.

Motor Booth and Others

IT, Electronics & Lifestyle Expo 2008

McAfee SiteAdvisor Giving Plus Upgrade For Free?

I just woke up this morning checking my torrents progress before going to work. Normally I will add some more torrents if there is a new one spotted over the web. Surprisingly, after I open my Firefox browser to surf. The McAfee SiteAdvisor suddenly show a pop up password menu to asked me to key in for Web safety reason. I was blur that time, because I never encounter any of instruction asking me to put my password. I also check the menu if I can find the word "Upgrade to plus", so far not yet! ^^ I will check my IE7 as well after I go back for lunch (nap) to confirm it.

Update! It was indeed upgraded to plus version. ^^ McAfee did not announced yet about this if they are giving away for free. Hopefully we might see it on the news and blogs soon.
Extra Update! LOL It just jump back to free version, no more plus anymore. dammit! ^^

About SiteAdvisor
McAfee SiteAdvisor is the 5-star rated Web safety tool that helps keep you safe from adware, spam and online scams as you search and browse the Web.

Download: Free Version

1st KB Bloggers Gathering...Wait! Something So Familiar

Okay, I wasn’t even invited to the gathering. Don’t get me wrong if I am jealous or feel bad about it. >_< I don’t! It’s true! Hehe… I just want to congratulate the success of the KB gathering. It just happens when I visit and read the post from Stella (a person who adds me in Friendster) on her blog. It just that the little pink bag appear on the photos they are getting. I didn’t expect it actually end up over there or not knowingly they still have so many in stocks! If you want to know what’s the pink bag I am referring too. Actually that product was belonging to my previous company known as West Egrets, I worked until last year after it business collapse run out of money to invest the project called Wetszone. Well it sure brings me some memories in my previous company I work for. Maybe I am really too harsh saying that statement above. HA!

If you still wondering, if Wetszone still around. Yes, the website is still running with little contents and back on the track including their Kiosk at “The Mall”. I don’t know how their businesses doing it lately especially the phone call service known as Hi-Wetszone. I still remember I received complain from the customers about the cards i send to them. Yikes! ^^; Well, that was none of my problem anymore since I don’t work with them.

But in case, you don’t know, I am part of the teams behind the project called Wetszone P-100. I design the themes and worked on the contents which are still incomplete because the project soon fails in the market impressions not longer than two months. You can take a first look on my design for the CD that was not launch into the market on 2006.

WealthToolbox Is Still Updating

Believe or not, WealthToolbox is still helping me making money! I joined early last year because I saw one local Bruneian blog is heavily blog about it. Well, I decided to register it, well, not under him! HA! I remember the starting dollar is given by them US$50.00 and they will help you with the trading which will eventually rise and fall. Don’t get me or about they wrong if you think about going to make a big buck every month. There are conditions and you will have to agree their terms (read it! carefully). To get your money they help you to earn, they will pay you once it reach two years and possibly require having an active activity access to your account.

They also recently launch a program called “HiveAttack” and still in Alpha version. I don’t even understand how actually this program really works. Even I read the information about HiveAttack. I still don’t understand our computer can help them in designing a highly accurate financial market prediction engine. As far I can only see my money in the account got rise from US$683.03 to US$1081.61 and still going in just one day! Suspicious isn’t it?


Our target payout date for contributor earnings is January 15, 2009...less than a year away. We need your spare computer processing power! Join now to help us reach our goal.

It’s up to you believing it or not. I don’t even recommend you refer to any of your friends or tried to promote it. Many out there believe this is Internet scam and you can check out the search here. Every blogger is talking about WealthToolbox is a scam and I believe it was. But I am taking the risk giving out my email. I want to see how the money going to end up after it reaches the goal next year. Then the real answer going to be clear.

Don’t join if you are not sure. I found one blog reviewing it and you should check it out.

Post Schedule For Tomorrow

I already done a few posts and saved to draft using Live Writer. I was supposed to finalized for today. But I have to work at night to settle the project. Pretty tired working alone out there fixing the network cable and those stupid office stuffs around. >_<;

Good night for now!

Brunei SME's Is Going For New Business Hours

I really find this sort of new rules getting funnier and funnier every time the official made in to the public. I'm not sure what the reason for the move is or why it has to be change? It is because too many young teens hanging out too late at night? It is the parents are worried over their children hooking up with other bad boys for drugs or maybe Brunei crimes rate is increasing? Not even a single words explanations and issuing any statements behind this ideas. I don't even know if the officials really helping the local SME's (Small and Medium Enterprises) and how will it affect their business. Such "Disappointment" word is no longer useful to describe them and I already fed up with how they trying to make the business go bad.

You can read the whole news at Brudirect.com. For now, the most affected in the business will be the restaurants and cafés. probably they will be having a hard time if they operated at 24 hours or late hours. On one paragraph, I totally agree what he said is true.

I don't know what benefit it will bring either. It will probably force cafes to operate illegally at late hours of the night." The only entertainment that is currently available in Brunei he said, were "basically cafes and restaurants. Where else can you gather? For a place that has limited entertainment, the cafe scene is very important.

Brunei is probably the worst entertainments place to enjoy I really have to admit. That's why everyone decided to head off to neighbouring countries instead. I don't even know if the officials even notice it or even they also doing the same thing like other people do freed to neighbours to enjoy more entertainments. I am still confused how do we local able to promote tourism's if we follow alike rules like other western countries to closed early? Business in Brunei is not really look that good or stable and you can see most of them are operate as cafes and restaurants. If such cases happen no more oil and gas to produce. I wonder how the country economics will like one day.

Reformat Done! HDD Good to Go!

It was a good news to me that there is nothing wrong with my new hard drive. Luckily it just the stupid partitions causing the Window slow down and causes the start up applications time so bad. Since I do a three partitions in one hard disk, its hard to trace which one is at fault. I don't think repairing the partitions is a good idea but I done that using Spinrite. But not luck with it and force to backup everything and delete all partitions to get rid of the fault found in it. Anyway, it took me a whole night to finished 70% on installing and transferring data. Although it's quite long, but I was able to get another chance of trying out new powerful freeware especially like Window Live Photo Gallery, new version Live Mail and Writer. I'm going to try out more this afternoon, just in case one day the police going to raid your home for pirated stuffs. Pui! Freeware got your back!

Ok, signing off for now, cuz I am in the office. ^^;;

Data Backup Finished, Reformat Tonight

Phew! i was lucky enough to finish backing up all my data in my PC last night. I didn't expect they are going to have a surprise power down around 10.30PM while I was watching Detective Conan Movie 4. It was a blast for me to go to bed early.

I'm going to do a maintenance and check on my new hard drive. My PC has been acting weird and slow down badly in Window as I found there is error in my partition. I have to rebuilt everything again and test if the drive is still having the same problem or not. Bloody hell, I haven't start building my next PC yet and now experience so much trouble over it. More importantly, there are news that memory ram is going up by 40% on next quarter this year for DDR2 version. If you planning to get a new ram or upgrade. You should do it now, as long DDR2 price is still affordable to buy, especially for 1GB are less than $90.00 in Brunei.

Inside Blog Reading for 22th

It’s been a while I haven’t spend some time visiting the blogs last year. I decided to take a few spin today to check out few of them.

Valentine day is coming next month and of course, same goes to our Chinese New Year. Even though, I doesn’t really like Valentine day myself. >_< But I don’t normally complain much about, instead I will say Valentine suck! That’s it! However, someone over at MenAreBetterThanWoman.com, has more different view over the Valentine day. Not to mention this guy hold plenty of grudge and complained about woman. Everyone should check it out this guy as he even went on to Dr.Phil show. If you really hate woman so much, you can grab some nice Valentine card for them.

Now in Japan! Hehe…I can’t wait to visit Japan one day. I am big fan of Japanese anime, collectable figures and toys. I wanted get a chance to experience the culture over there, however, not the pervert cultures. LOL! That’s why I love visiting Danny Choo blog to read about the Japanese culture and latest update on the products over there. Today he posted about a Cutie Doll product that uses some kind of technology call blank DNA clone or something. This doll will surely make the guys over there (Japan) freaky happy and for those who are stress or some weird mind. Hey! I’m not in the same group with them. ^^;;; I only love Gundam, anime and collect figures! Check out more great posts over there!

Alright, let’s talk about business here. I wonder how many of you ever heard about DCHL? I heard about them last year. I also listen and watch the presentation about their business (MLM) offer. How great is that really. Well, they told me this is going to make you a successful career and faster way to earn more buck. Too me, this is just going to drag you down to the pit and I was able to pull my sister up from there after I do some research about DCHL. Their reputations are somewhat very bad and do you believe those young teens able to drive a Ferrari vehicle? The only way to earn it is through cheating for a long time to get this kind of cars. Too learn more about them, visit Lampe Berger Help or Anti-Lampe Berger for more information and might help you one day. I don’t like MLM business and I don’t believe about the ‘air’ (pyramid) network they mention to me is good. I’m not sure how my sister friend doing nowadays. But good luck to them for success.

Planning a New Pc for 2008

Currently experience a bad internet in my country because there is cable maintenance in China Sea, if I’m not mistaken. Still we are lucky enough to get a decent internet speed to start posting. Anyway, I have been delay my plan building a new gaming PC for at more than two years. Yes money is one of the problems. Secondly, choosing which brand and latest new technology is pain in the ass! I’m sure those who are crazy on hardware PC upgrade, should probably know about the first PCI Express and SLI technology release back two years ago. If I went for the upgrade at that time, I would be regret forever spending that money on immature technology. Well, for today, my wait is worth it and over.

I still have not decided which one to go with. But Intel is much faster and easily gets in my country. I wanted to go for AMD, but it’s hard to find here. As for the graphic card, I still have to monitor closely and not to mention new cards are coming. I will definitely build a Hybird SLI or Crossfire system, so my choice of getting the motherboard will be from Abit. As their price are better than the rest, for a budget gamer like me. ^^; As for the rest, well, I’m not worried about getting the good chassis and the power supply unit. If you remember, I already won a Cosmos and other Cooler Master great products from the contest. If you missed the contest, don’t worry. Cooler Master got another great contest, it just the question you want to win a Hybird car.

Ok, how about sound card? Nah, I’m not going for it. The motherboard has already integrated with the sound card, so it should be enough. I could get a better one if I had enough budgets. But my most worrying is my monitor right now. My Viewsonic CRT is dying on me anytime soon. This is sure making me frustrated and I have to hit the monitor to get the viewing back every time. This is the biggest issue I am facing right now. I already looking at Dell Wide LCD screen, probably I will go for 24 inch if there is price drop because I feel like 22 inch is still not enough for me! Hehe…

I am going to replace my whole new keyboard and mouse. Not sure if going for Razer product is a right choice. But I will eventually get the mouse from them, not the keyboard yet. I guess everything depends on my budgets and I have to get them slowly. Rushing is a bad idea these days. Going to keep monitoring the market.

Doing Your Own Part Time Jobs

Doing a self part time job is a nice thing too if you are looking for little more income or maybe you are low in cash buying figures and Gundam! ^^;; I just can’t control myself getting these thing for my collections. However, there are some problems I do also encounter while doing personal part time jobs. Currently I am facing is customers and extra space for repairing. Here is the picture below of my current PC repairing room in my own personal room.

Look messy isn’t it? Well, after I took this photo. I already had done some cleaning. Mess up my room with those PC around really gets me more annoy habit up and inhaling those sure really bad. I’m sure it might going to reduce your span life and kill you one day too. >_>

Another problem is customers and don’t get me wrong. I’m not referring about getting PC for fewer repairs and the deal they going to pay me (a little bit not happy with it). I really hate to say this, it’s all about their way of annoying you instead. This is the first time I have been so annoy by it. Although we know each other for quite a while, I was so piss off with the SMS she send so much to annoy me and even asking so much messing the time I’m going to deliver the PC to her house. A few minute late, she starts sending a SMS like SOS. I have to force to turn off my phone to get away with it. I am honestly really afraid meeting this kind of customers in my life. Luckily I solved the problem quickly and leave as soon as possible after getting the PC up over her house. I hope I will not encounter again this kind of annoying person next time.

First New Year Order

It was boring in the office today morning. I don't even know which website I should visit nowadays. Well, I guess the only place I can stop by is Hobby Link Japan and Play-Asia.com for online shopping. I have to be careful on my budget and saving for this year. I think last year I order too much and ended up having a hard time getting my ass back. So my buying will be limit for each month under the amount I see fit. I will skip Play-Asia.com this time around and headed over to Hobby Link Japan to restock other missing spray paints and sand paper I needed to built my Gundam. My two 1/144 HGUC models were left there for more than eight months because of the financial issue I encounter. Now I should be able to assemble the two and another new one I order is Gundam OO – Dynames 1/100 model this month or next month. Hope I will be able to get it by the end of this month since my order confirmation will be on 21st January, next week.

I’m going to see how my budget next month, as Chinese New Year is approaching so fast and not to mention my mom is coming back from Singapore in the early month. >_>;; If things goes well, I will order next month from Play-Asia.com, since I still got one more discount coupon and nice free shipping to Brunei. Not sure what to buy, but I will simply just put the trading figures and Final Fantasy collection into my cart first before deciding which one to go. But, those items won’t last long and always out of stock by the time I place my order. Well, just hope there will be Chinese New Year discount. ^^ hehe…

Free Valve Portal Demo for NVIDIA Gamers

I am still sick until today. What a really unlucky first month and year for me. I can't eat properly and even drink. However, I feel better now but I hope much better tomorrow. Before I go, here's a drop off present news!
Valve and NVIDIA have announced that all NVIDIA gamers may receive a free copy of Portal: First Slice, a special version of the new game from Valve, by visiting this website and "Taking the test."

Steam will then auto-detect the presence of NVIDIA hardware and make Portal: First Slice available immediately, free of charge. To make it easy for all NVIDIA customers to redeem this offer, a link to the Steam offer will also be included in all NVIDIA drivers. Like Valve's previous free game offer for ATI users, this download also includes Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, as well as Peggle Extreme.

New Year Fever...

Can't believe i am having a fever on second day of new year. I barely can sleep and eat the whole night. I'm taking 1 1/2 day off and hopefully able to post next day until i feel better. Happy New Year!