1st KB Bloggers Gathering...Wait! Something So Familiar

Okay, I wasn’t even invited to the gathering. Don’t get me wrong if I am jealous or feel bad about it. >_< I don’t! It’s true! Hehe… I just want to congratulate the success of the KB gathering. It just happens when I visit and read the post from Stella (a person who adds me in Friendster) on her blog. It just that the little pink bag appear on the photos they are getting. I didn’t expect it actually end up over there or not knowingly they still have so many in stocks! If you want to know what’s the pink bag I am referring too. Actually that product was belonging to my previous company known as West Egrets, I worked until last year after it business collapse run out of money to invest the project called Wetszone. Well it sure brings me some memories in my previous company I work for. Maybe I am really too harsh saying that statement above. HA!

If you still wondering, if Wetszone still around. Yes, the website is still running with little contents and back on the track including their Kiosk at “The Mall”. I don’t know how their businesses doing it lately especially the phone call service known as Hi-Wetszone. I still remember I received complain from the customers about the cards i send to them. Yikes! ^^; Well, that was none of my problem anymore since I don’t work with them.

But in case, you don’t know, I am part of the teams behind the project called Wetszone P-100. I design the themes and worked on the contents which are still incomplete because the project soon fails in the market impressions not longer than two months. You can take a first look on my design for the CD that was not launch into the market on 2006.


  1. but we had alot of fun working there. Doing things that no one dares to take up. Too bad they ran out of funds.

  2. I see you worked there. Running out of funds is the big mistake for the company.


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