Steam Summer Hunt kept Me Busy!

Well, what can I say about disappearance on blogging? Damn, the Steam summer sales really the coolest place to hunt down great discount games. During the sales, I was able to hunt down few great games like all Company of Heroes, Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai, Hitman Absolution, Deadlight, Touchlight 2 and The Last Renment.

These games already could already keep me company for months if I planned to play non-stop. However, what I don't like about Steam sometimes were great games can't be purchase in certain countries. It sucks, really. I don't understand the reason behind this and let's take X-COM Enemy Unkown for example. You will never be able to find in Steam if you are living in Brunei. Weirdly, The Bureau: X-COM Declassified is available (pre) purchase but not X-COM: Enemy Unknown.

I'm not sad and thinking giving up going for the physical purchase. Luckily, I got Malaysian friends using Steam so the easier way is asked them to purchase and send me as gift! Problem solved! I really got to say, I am really addicted to the turn based game and I am looking forward getting The Bureau: X-COM Declassified and Final Fantasy VII. Only when there are sales because money is really tight these days. LOL!

Old Car Loves Money

It only just the first week of July, I already lose $430.00. What a headache! I never expecting so much faulty parts coming out from the old car when driving for so long on the road. As far I concern at first, replacing timing belt is the first priority before even the expire numbers. But seriously, this is real bad affect on my financial. Gosh, so many things I wanted to buy~!