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Its Time to Wear Sunglasses

Man, the global warming really no longer a joke, which is why the sun is really fucking killing my eye these days. I always told myself to get a pair but those sunglasses are freaking expensive and those cheap one in the street are not suitable for my eyes. Of course, I am aware those cheap brand lenses could be fake or something because it can cause your eyes and brain every uncomfortable. Whenever I look at the sunglasses, it remind me the CBS 60 minute cover story about the scambag company control the price worldwide. Seriously, fuck them.One thing usually bother me a lot is my face. I have quite a big fat looking round face so it is kind of challenging finding match up sunglasses. Well, I actually took the risk going to any local shops to find and brought two pair Zerpico MOO:D sunglasses at crowdfunding websites instead. The price is indeed affordable and has the design quality in it.

HELO Wellness Band is the Technology Pyramid Schemes

Its being a while I start writing a post. But because Brunei now facing economics and high numbers of jobless problem. A lot of locals now desperate finding ideas, sell and startup business. What many do not know, the multi-level marketing are now taking advantages of such situation especially on health and make its way to technology category. The HELO Wellness Band is one of them. I was at first curious about these band when I heard from my colleague asking me if I am programmer and then introduce me about this HELO Wellness Band thingy. It advertises as health and fitness technology product that have many features you don’t find by most current wrist band in the today market. Like measuring breathing rate, heart rate and able to send emergency SOS alert to your family or friends members if detect abnormal health activities. All this great stuff will cost you US$199.00. Not only that, Germanium Kit US$180.00, the band kit US$150.00 and lastly, the Helo LX Charger Adapter cost only US…