I Smash My Door

Wow…I can’t believe I really did that without any second thought. Once the door locks up, I realize all my keys were inside. Car key, room key, house key, everything was in there! I was like fuck, what am I going to do? I can’t call my sister because she did not have any car to come back to open for me. I was so pissed off and have been a bit depressing lately. There causes my anger trigger straight away kicking the door. I forget how many times I actually kick but it takes only few times open. What a lousy door I have to say. The local house contractors who build this house previously cheated my father money quite a lot using lousy materials. Probably I really have a brute force or something. >_>;;;

I believe I have an anger problem behavior. I don’t really know how serious it actually was to me but I feel like getting worst from it sometimes. I have been controlling my anger for many years from work and families issues I encounter for long time. It’s not easy to control it when someone you hated the most tried to trigger your anger (like my step bitch). Anyway, now I have to buy a new door before the damn thieves gets into my room. Man, during my worst financial years having so many stupid things around me.

New Alcatel Modem – Another Update Again

IMG_3095 (640x480)After Many day Update - Okay first of all, the speed is same as always, nothing much changes and my leveling stuck. However, I also received news about Telbru is now looking into the problem as they found out the issue why many of us received a terrible download and website loading. I heard it might take a while because they are waiting for the developer to look into it and investigate the issue. I hope I can get my game back on. Anyhow, torrent users won’t be encountering much problem.

This will probably help me to find out the cause of the internet problem. I just received it on lunch time today and only done a short test using Brunet bandwidth test. Both Hua Wei and Alcatel modem were able to received acceptable speed at this hour. But Alcatel performs more responsive on the test. Probably because it take much more advantage on new Lucent equipments Telbru currently using according to my friends. I will update this post again for my personal test results tonight.

Day One Update - The new Alcatel modem does did some trick solving my internet performance issue last night. It doesn’t lag as much than before so often and but the download speed still stuck between 21 kb/s to maximum 55 kb/s using the free download manager which is the same result using Hua Wei modem. I think I have to change the DSL filter and this time I will load RF Online to test the stability for the game connection.

Day Two Update - I forget to change the DSL filter last night. Not sure if necessary to change since my espeed internet speed test was good. Anyway, playing RF Online was fine at the moment without getting disconnecting after login into the game. It still lags time to time in the game but so far so good. Tonight and next day I will hit RF Online more for test because I missed so many weeks on leveling. >_<;;;

Mafia Wars and Valve Orange Box

What a crazy popular game feature in Facebook. Everyone is playing it and funny enough to catch one of my customers hitting so hard on it at work with current level 198 and already had 500 mafia members. He is really so addicted to the game and not to mention full time on Facebook. I wonder how many of you are really so obsessed with Facebook and its game everyday?

I also played Mafia Wars not long ago and spend only two to three times a day sometimes. Hate to say it, but every time I check I always get rob or attack by anyone. It’s not easy to play, but well, still a good game to keep you company for a while. Sooner or later I won’t be playing because I brought an Orange Box games from Steam for US$9.99! Woot!!! Once finished download, I will be playing Team Fortress 2 and continue Half Life 2 game. Man, I really loves Steam weekend deals.

Acer Value Desktop Gaming PC vs Local Build

Even if I don’t like Acer laptop much, I have to admit their prices are much more affordable compare to other brands today. Especially their desktop models are the hottest selling brand in Brunei when it comes for home and office users. I didn’t really pay much attention these days to the PC market because I already build my own new PC last year and so the remaining upgrade is only the graphic card.

It just happen my personal budget hunting habit trigger when one of my customer asking me for suggestion for a new gaming PC and also if Acer has anything new desktop models today to compare with the local build version. Guess what, I found out about Acer Aspire M7720-492X at QQeStore offering B$1,768.00 for CPU only. I can’t tell if it’s new but to my surprise, Acer offer more value and better specification compare to the custom build PC. I’m not bluffing because this kind of price surely brings negative impact to the local PC shops if they trying to sell the custom build desktop version to the market.

The below shows the example for the comparison between Acer Aspire M7720-492X against one of the local custom build called TERRAN.

Please note - I do not know what hardware brand is install for the custom build version but I include the star (*) with bold fonts to show I done an optional upgrade to possible match the Acer specifications offer. Also, all price and specifications may change or different the next days.

Aspire M7720-492X

  • Genuine Window Vista Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7 920 Processor
  • Intel X58 Chipset
  • 4GB DDR3
  • 640GB HDD SATA
  • DVD SuperMultiplus Writer with LabelFash And DiscT2 Technology (SATA)
  • ATI HD4850 1GB DDR3 Graphics with 2 DVI Ports
  • 40 in 1 Card Reader
  • Acer USB Keyboard And Optical Mouse
  • Acer Chassis (456 mm x 416 mm x 185 mm) with Control Media Playback and one Push Backup.

CPU Only = B$1,768.00

Complete with Acer 23” Wide LCD = B$2,086.00

TERRAN (Custom Build)

  • Genuine Window Vista Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7 920 Processor
  • Intel X58 Chipset
  • 4GB DDR3*
  • 20x SATA DVD-Writer
  • ATI HD4850 512 DDR3 Graphics with 2 DVI Ports*
  • Internal Multi-Card Reader
  • Standard PS/2 Keyboard And Optical Mouse
  • Super ATX Chassis with 600W PSU
  • 2.1 Speakers and Subwoofer

CPU Only = B$2,096.00 (B$328+)

Complete with 23” Wide LCD = B$2,566.00 (B$480+)

The result was obvious showing that Acer Aspire M7720-492X was a clear winner offers much more value for your money. If you think it’s not true and unfair. Look again, even if I include both 2.1 speakers and extra 1TB HDD SATA to Acer. The total cost won’t hit more than current TERRAN setup. Not to mention TERRAN is not installing with latest ATI HD4850 1GB DDR3 version and if it does, the price goes even higher. The shittiest thing about Acer is they upgrade their hardware better from few month cycles to push their sales even more and imagine getting almost the same price from it.

Most importantly, quality hardware product is the main concern for every buyer. Acer has that and it offer some nice features you don’t sees in custom build version like a full control media playback and quick access to Vista backup button in the chassis. Although you may find it useless for some of you but it still provides quality features at lowers cost you can get in the market. I’m not saying custom build is bad either, sometimes the brand names makes the product much more expensive compare to OEM. That’s why the cost between them is different. The only complain is just the warranty getting your laptop and mini-ATX desktop fix by sending out and wait for months or week to fix it.

My little advice, if you are planning to buy Acer Aspire M7720-492X. Please remember to double check with your Acer local seller with the latest update for the specification because I just found that it has already upgrade it’s memory ram to 6GB and to ATI HD4870 1GB DDR5 for even better value according to Malaysia Acer.

Galileo Movie 2008


Japanese drama is still my favorite. I’m not sure about you guys, but mostly I watch the drama depending on which actor in it and also based on the comics and novel. Galileo drama series was one of my favorite last year and I finally get to watch the 2 hour length movie 2008 this week which can be found on SARS website. The movie was much more different and less comedy compare to the series. I have to say it was a bit disappointment and I will not explain why. No point on spoiling it and you have to watch it yourself to decide. Before you start watching, grab the drama series first and then the movie. It will be easier to catch some part of the story that found in the movie. But damn, i didn’t even know here is Hero movie on 2007. I am going to hunt for it.

Pre-Ordering First Figma

Finally the wait is over! I’m going to pre-order two Figma Drossel from Hobby Search using my remaining points to lower the cost a bit because I have another pre-order on the same month on June at HW Japan. Yes, Gundam again. So next month order for Dengeki magazine to be cancel and make sure I have enough backup money to pay off my credit card and expenses for June and July.
The reason I am risking my money for two Figma Drossel not because of hobby collection only. Drossel (Fireball) was the first ever original Disney animated to release in Japan. Not to mention it might be limited collection only. It’s not easy for me to refuse this time with such a high detail character design. The pre-order cost for each is ¥2,895 yen and the shipping is not including yet. I hope the June exchange rate is good. ^^; Since July I have another small pre-order. Yikes!!! More suffering!!!

Internet Suck and My Moto is back

What a fucking day and night is having a nonstop fuck up internet speed. It’s been a few weeks for god sake! Ahhh…something is terribly wrong and the asshole working in Telbru are not looking at it, yet again. I have to file a complaint tomorrow to the supervisor and asked for the new free modem no matter what.

Anyway, finally my Nokia N80 is totally fucked! Damn the slide cable issue causes the whole screen white whenever I tried to slide and even some of the button won’t respond. Luckily I still kept my Motorola Razr V3i with me. I knew one day it might happen to the slide phone. Man, this year really sure has a lot of stuffs happening to me. My car, my phone and my internet are all turning into some kind of curse against on me.

This Week Nothing

Yep, nothing much except doing some personal job fixing my friend PC. I need some cash for my car fuel and breakfast because next few months I am still going broke. Thanks to my car again, fucking on me yet again for this month. Both of the engine mounting eventually damage on below so I can’t just wait too long until next month payout, it will be bad if the engine suddenly fall downs if the top mounting break. >_<;;; if you find your car shake too much, better go check up. Don’t wait and you can’t escape from it even you doesn’t want to fork out your hard earn money.

Another bad thing happen is my Nokia N80 sliding cable is getting bad and always show white screen whenever I slide or press any button. This is why slide phone is bad after few years. I plan to send for repair next month since I still have my spare Motorola RAZR with me. Damn, so much things fuck up for this year. Anyway, check out the new Transformer 2 trailer!

My PC Got BOOM!!!

Nah, it didn’t explode. It just my hand are so naughty download some crack and mess with it and unblock as a result of corrupting my Vista. Doesn’t looks pretty good as it causes my activation gone, unable to use phone and even recovery features. Damn the virus are nasty! Anyway, my setup is recover most by 70% now, i just need more setup and reviews.

For the meantime, check one of the idiot house wife insult the Sultan of Perak.. Never ever insult the Sultan of any country especially when you are living in Muslim country. My Malay friend always say, never goes against the Government and His Majesty. Unless you really got very good reason to do that.

Telbru KB Hit by Bomb

telbru - complain1 Muahahaha…I can’t believe my complaint on the Brudirect HYS really so effective and hurt the staffs there until they looked for me. ^^;;; Yup, they know it’s me and even come to my house to discuss the matter. I met with the supervisor (I believe) whom I know before to explain my internet problem. I’m happy to know that he is going to look into it and he also happen request me not to post complain to Brudirect again. XD Anything can be settling in the Telbru office and I should look for him first in case I the problem remain the same. I will and definitely will do that in the future. But I can’t make promise I won’t post again in HYS unless if things turn ugly.

It’s not like I intentionally raise the issue and expose it to the public. The reason it’s because I was so pissed off the way the technician always say there are nothing wrong and always prove that my phone line has problem. Because that day he told I have to buy the modem, that kind of option burns my anger even more. The worst part about me is I can’t live with slow internet speed for too many days. I update my software often and prepare them for PC servicing work every day so my internet has to work no matter what. Laugh at me whatever you want, but I don’t have Astro in my house so internet is everything to me.

Anyway, I am continued to monitor my internet until then, let see if I am going to get back my original speed.

Is PR That Bad? Nope, Just Need a Home

I have been reading this everyday and years about the problem being Permanent Resident in Brunei at Brudirect HYS sections. Many people complaining why those of us who live here for more than 20 years can’t receive yellow IC permanently rather than having us to takes the examination which is unfair. To me, I don’t even think what the local Governments and His Majesty did was unfair. This is the reason to test how much we know our country history, governments and if we know how to speak the original Malay languages.

If you asked me, I knew nothing single things about that and the worst part is I don’t even know there is zoo in Temburong. HA! I’m not really into or plan on getting yellow IC examination which is why my mom, uncle, auntie and other relatives piss off at me thinking like that. I know once you obtain the Bruneian citizen, you can get access to better standard of living, and better jobs and of course less stress applying for housing and shops which not only help your children and next generation in the future. I’m not really good at studying and memorizing Malay subjects. I failed almost every class during my high school so I don’t think I am capable getting pass from the exam. Yeah I give up easily because I truly hate studying which is why I ended up with low pay jobs everywhere I go. I never regret that for being low class. ^^;;;

Normally, I don’t really find much problem being a PR. It just the only disadvantage, only and my biggest concern in my life are getting your own house. Applying land is hard and low income PR are eventually disqualified getting house loans. There are too many low incomes PR in Brunei these days and especially when those who are temporary living in BSP or Shell development area that do not had money to buy houses had to force to move away. This is why His Majesty and the Governments need to look into the matter and allow low income PR to access to buy affordable housing. I already read the news about the BEDB plan on building 4000 houses next four years timeline and I do not know if we PR allow applying loan for it. This greatly concerns me a lot because there are no information’s been given to the public. It was obvious knowing Bruneian will eventually get access easily. But us? We can only wait for hope every day.

Anyway, PR is fine, at least for me. But just need a home for your family.

The next PR entries are going to be more insulting and ranting after reading the HYS today about some idiots whining and started becoming racist.

Mini MS Stand and Flying Base II First look

Sometimes I really wanted to try the different brands for displaying my Gundam pose as much as possible during photography whenever I finished my work on it. Bandai original Action Base One and Two was the best option for the task and also usable by many others plamo including ability to expand using the same display stand. But the only draws back are many of the existence own Gundam model kits does not supported by the action base which is quite troublesome when I found out after completing the HG1/144 Astray Green Frame. To solve this issue in the future, I have to try out the other display stand products for better answer which is why I currently brought Hobby Base Mini Stand and Kotobukiya Mechanical flying Base III to see how good these two it can be use for displaying my model kits.

Hobby Base Mini MS Stand

I’m not sure if you (Gundam modeler) heard this company before, but they also make plastic supporting modeling kits and other display stand products. Mini MS Stand was one of them and it cost ¥475 yen each. It comes with at different colors of your choice.

The Mini MS Stand has a very strong flexible rod to hold any figures or HGUC model kits in any positions. Also it has square look base to attach your own self made name plate and can be open to store any small parts inside.

The disadvantage about the Mini MS stand, however, requires putting some heavy objects inside the base to prevent the posing fall due to the size and weight of the base. This only happen if you put an angle poses on your kits.

Kotobukiya Mechanical Base Flying II

One of the popular companies in Japan who release many quality figures, Super Robot Wars, Armored Core and others support modeling goods around the world. They are most likely trying to conquer the plastic modeling market. That’s why I want to find out how good its going to work for me.

There are two type of Mechanical Base flying. The first is the fixed stand sold at ¥500 yen and the second version I brought sold for ¥600 yen with adjustable arms stand. The size of the base measure 11cm x 11cm which is still not quite a big as Bandai Action Base 1, not to mention it sold ¥50 yen less.

There are also three types of holder provide can be use in 1/72 Armored Core, 1/100 and 1/144 Gundam and future Kotobukiya model kits. But somehow, I find that it really not suitable to used for 1/100 posing. The weight is one of the issues due the size of the base and unlike Mini MS Stand. Other issue I also find the adjustable arms may comes to lose one day easily since it does not used any screw like Bandai did on the action base to prevent it happen.

Although I do find some disappointment on the Mechanical Base Flying II, it still have its own great way to display your others plamo like what I did to my two SD Sangokuden Gundam below.

Anyway, in the end coming to a verdict which one I like better for photographing. I have to say both of them deserved a good credit and I decided to have both of them. I believe it can be use on any diaroma sets and places for photographing because Bandai action base is not really suitable for the task. So these two will definitely going to serve me well.

HW Japan – April 2009

Just received it this afternoon. This month order is just the small amount of display stands, decals, weapon and A4 cutting mat. I decide to keep it minimum order as possible for this month. I can’t believe I didn’t check the rate before I made an order on last February. After checking the Paypal rate, it was 1.00 SGD = 57.873 Yen. That’s why it was so expensive and not to mention it was a big drop from 73 Yen based on last year exchange rate. Luckily this month exchange rate wasn’t that bad which around 63 Yen. Better than nothing. Seems like next month I have to check the rate carefully before I buy.


Anyway, here’s the list of items I brought for this month:

  • 4x Bandai Gundam Decal 1/100 OO Raiser, Cherudim Gundam, Arios Gundam and Seravee Gundum
  • Kotobukiya MECHANICAL BASE III - FLYING II and Weapon Unit 10 – Shield

Doing a review on the display stands tomorrow.

Nice Try Telbru

This is totally disappointment I ever had using Telbru services. I have been seriously affected by the internet performance issue last week starting on Thursday I believe. Almost everyone in my town and KB area were experience bad internet. But many of their internets recover back without much problem after two days. Mine still struggle to have an unstable 512kbps speed and my download is only stable to below 48 kb/s for many days now. I call the center and get the technician over to test my speed and it was below 480kbps. Then he brings out the new Alcatel modem to test it and the speed is stable and showing some sign of dropping below in few test. I thought he is going to change it because they are now using a new system to manage the internet. It comes to my surprise and the stupidest part is. I have to buy it to get my internet speed back. What the fuck am I paying it for every month and is it because I am using Hua Wei modem causing this internet issue? Nice try and I’m not going to buy that shit.

It’s funny how the technician explains the problem and they knew Hua Wei modem is causing the issue all along a long time. To me buying the new modem is totally bullshit when there is nothing wrong with my current modem and also when the internet issue is just started last week. I can’t really accept such an option and it’s totally pointless to spend my money for a new modem just to get my speed back. Their ideas of way of convincing us to pay for a new modem will not work smoothly. Telbru buy a fuck up equipment from Hua Wei and now switching to a new system so that they can ignore the previous problem? I’m not going to fall for that and will only buy when my modem is totally not working or brick. I am going too kept on complain until they get my speed back no matter what starting tomorrow.

Voice on Lack of Internet Quality Services

Finally the locals are now complaining the Telbru internet service again on Brudirect last month. This has been going on for almost every year and we see nothing change. No matter what you say, you have only one internet service provider in Brunei. Take it or just switch to 3G. I don’t really want to consider B.Mobile and DST Group as an internet servicer provide because their 3G internet speed performance are different which is much more unstable compare to fixed line and it has to depending on location. Don’t tell me shit about 3G is better compare to fixed line because I have tested both of them myself (USB, router etc) and it really sucks you don’t actually get what it advertises on the paper. At least Telbru is better. Once you see your internet speed is not what you get, you can complain. But B.Mobile and DST, No.

I tested in many places and my customers always complain it to me this 3G is worst than 56k modem everyday at night and days. You see, I get blame even I am not the one supplying the 3G stuff and thanks to DST for the services I have to bring it up and down for them to test. The DST staffs fail to come over personally to explained why the signal are bad even my client install external antenna for Ericsson W21 3G router to improve the coverage doesn’t seems to help when they get full signal bar all days. I always file complains on the phone monthly back then and telling me they have to go on the site to check out themselves. Did they come? No.

The only good thing about 3G are just can be use anywhere and also if the Telbru internet went down completely like last year, 3G is another best option to get online. I’m sure anyone has different opinions or disagrees about what I said. But this is my personal experience. The most complains I heard is DST about the internet and some hardware (3G USB dongle I heard) issue. For B.Mobile, I very unlikely heard much complain because many of my friends are happy with their 3G internet services.

Back to Telbru life. I did somehow received information that we, value surf users getting a free upgrade to super or premium surf by this year. If this is true, I hope Telbru can clean up their bad reputation and offer it to us. No official words yet from them, but it will normally start the upgrade in the capital first, as always. But the internet traffic last month is really bad and I haven’t file any complains yet because my internet speed is below 418kbps I last check few days ago. Hate this when it happen. It sucks!

April 1st

I wonder how your first day of April likes. Mine? No, I did not get fool by anyone but run a bit bad luck today with the stupid buying new tickets book and rushing my passport photo to pass it to my mom. Nothing really special for the first day, I can’t say it’s boring because my friend yesterday gave me something to play with and I was so into it. Hehehe… I can’t reveal it here because this really needs to be privately and quietly used as it still in testing phase. Not to mention only limited peoples are selected. This is local stuff and I will provide more details later.

anyway, going to watching Tytania and Soul Eater Final later.