Voice on Lack of Internet Quality Services

Finally the locals are now complaining the Telbru internet service again on Brudirect last month. This has been going on for almost every year and we see nothing change. No matter what you say, you have only one internet service provider in Brunei. Take it or just switch to 3G. I don’t really want to consider B.Mobile and DST Group as an internet servicer provide because their 3G internet speed performance are different which is much more unstable compare to fixed line and it has to depending on location. Don’t tell me shit about 3G is better compare to fixed line because I have tested both of them myself (USB, router etc) and it really sucks you don’t actually get what it advertises on the paper. At least Telbru is better. Once you see your internet speed is not what you get, you can complain. But B.Mobile and DST, No.

I tested in many places and my customers always complain it to me this 3G is worst than 56k modem everyday at night and days. You see, I get blame even I am not the one supplying the 3G stuff and thanks to DST for the services I have to bring it up and down for them to test. The DST staffs fail to come over personally to explained why the signal are bad even my client install external antenna for Ericsson W21 3G router to improve the coverage doesn’t seems to help when they get full signal bar all days. I always file complains on the phone monthly back then and telling me they have to go on the site to check out themselves. Did they come? No.

The only good thing about 3G are just can be use anywhere and also if the Telbru internet went down completely like last year, 3G is another best option to get online. I’m sure anyone has different opinions or disagrees about what I said. But this is my personal experience. The most complains I heard is DST about the internet and some hardware (3G USB dongle I heard) issue. For B.Mobile, I very unlikely heard much complain because many of my friends are happy with their 3G internet services.

Back to Telbru life. I did somehow received information that we, value surf users getting a free upgrade to super or premium surf by this year. If this is true, I hope Telbru can clean up their bad reputation and offer it to us. No official words yet from them, but it will normally start the upgrade in the capital first, as always. But the internet traffic last month is really bad and I haven’t file any complains yet because my internet speed is below 418kbps I last check few days ago. Hate this when it happen. It sucks!


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