Telbru KB Hit by Bomb

telbru - complain1 Muahahaha…I can’t believe my complaint on the Brudirect HYS really so effective and hurt the staffs there until they looked for me. ^^;;; Yup, they know it’s me and even come to my house to discuss the matter. I met with the supervisor (I believe) whom I know before to explain my internet problem. I’m happy to know that he is going to look into it and he also happen request me not to post complain to Brudirect again. XD Anything can be settling in the Telbru office and I should look for him first in case I the problem remain the same. I will and definitely will do that in the future. But I can’t make promise I won’t post again in HYS unless if things turn ugly.

It’s not like I intentionally raise the issue and expose it to the public. The reason it’s because I was so pissed off the way the technician always say there are nothing wrong and always prove that my phone line has problem. Because that day he told I have to buy the modem, that kind of option burns my anger even more. The worst part about me is I can’t live with slow internet speed for too many days. I update my software often and prepare them for PC servicing work every day so my internet has to work no matter what. Laugh at me whatever you want, but I don’t have Astro in my house so internet is everything to me.

Anyway, I am continued to monitor my internet until then, let see if I am going to get back my original speed.


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