Acer Value Desktop Gaming PC vs Local Build

Even if I don’t like Acer laptop much, I have to admit their prices are much more affordable compare to other brands today. Especially their desktop models are the hottest selling brand in Brunei when it comes for home and office users. I didn’t really pay much attention these days to the PC market because I already build my own new PC last year and so the remaining upgrade is only the graphic card.

It just happen my personal budget hunting habit trigger when one of my customer asking me for suggestion for a new gaming PC and also if Acer has anything new desktop models today to compare with the local build version. Guess what, I found out about Acer Aspire M7720-492X at QQeStore offering B$1,768.00 for CPU only. I can’t tell if it’s new but to my surprise, Acer offer more value and better specification compare to the custom build PC. I’m not bluffing because this kind of price surely brings negative impact to the local PC shops if they trying to sell the custom build desktop version to the market.

The below shows the example for the comparison between Acer Aspire M7720-492X against one of the local custom build called TERRAN.

Please note - I do not know what hardware brand is install for the custom build version but I include the star (*) with bold fonts to show I done an optional upgrade to possible match the Acer specifications offer. Also, all price and specifications may change or different the next days.

Aspire M7720-492X

  • Genuine Window Vista Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7 920 Processor
  • Intel X58 Chipset
  • 4GB DDR3
  • 640GB HDD SATA
  • DVD SuperMultiplus Writer with LabelFash And DiscT2 Technology (SATA)
  • ATI HD4850 1GB DDR3 Graphics with 2 DVI Ports
  • 40 in 1 Card Reader
  • Acer USB Keyboard And Optical Mouse
  • Acer Chassis (456 mm x 416 mm x 185 mm) with Control Media Playback and one Push Backup.

CPU Only = B$1,768.00

Complete with Acer 23” Wide LCD = B$2,086.00

TERRAN (Custom Build)

  • Genuine Window Vista Home Premium
  • Intel Core i7 920 Processor
  • Intel X58 Chipset
  • 4GB DDR3*
  • 20x SATA DVD-Writer
  • ATI HD4850 512 DDR3 Graphics with 2 DVI Ports*
  • Internal Multi-Card Reader
  • Standard PS/2 Keyboard And Optical Mouse
  • Super ATX Chassis with 600W PSU
  • 2.1 Speakers and Subwoofer

CPU Only = B$2,096.00 (B$328+)

Complete with 23” Wide LCD = B$2,566.00 (B$480+)

The result was obvious showing that Acer Aspire M7720-492X was a clear winner offers much more value for your money. If you think it’s not true and unfair. Look again, even if I include both 2.1 speakers and extra 1TB HDD SATA to Acer. The total cost won’t hit more than current TERRAN setup. Not to mention TERRAN is not installing with latest ATI HD4850 1GB DDR3 version and if it does, the price goes even higher. The shittiest thing about Acer is they upgrade their hardware better from few month cycles to push their sales even more and imagine getting almost the same price from it.

Most importantly, quality hardware product is the main concern for every buyer. Acer has that and it offer some nice features you don’t sees in custom build version like a full control media playback and quick access to Vista backup button in the chassis. Although you may find it useless for some of you but it still provides quality features at lowers cost you can get in the market. I’m not saying custom build is bad either, sometimes the brand names makes the product much more expensive compare to OEM. That’s why the cost between them is different. The only complain is just the warranty getting your laptop and mini-ATX desktop fix by sending out and wait for months or week to fix it.

My little advice, if you are planning to buy Acer Aspire M7720-492X. Please remember to double check with your Acer local seller with the latest update for the specification because I just found that it has already upgrade it’s memory ram to 6GB and to ATI HD4870 1GB DDR5 for even better value according to Malaysia Acer.


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