Pre-Ordering First Figma

Finally the wait is over! I’m going to pre-order two Figma Drossel from Hobby Search using my remaining points to lower the cost a bit because I have another pre-order on the same month on June at HW Japan. Yes, Gundam again. So next month order for Dengeki magazine to be cancel and make sure I have enough backup money to pay off my credit card and expenses for June and July.
The reason I am risking my money for two Figma Drossel not because of hobby collection only. Drossel (Fireball) was the first ever original Disney animated to release in Japan. Not to mention it might be limited collection only. It’s not easy for me to refuse this time with such a high detail character design. The pre-order cost for each is ¥2,895 yen and the shipping is not including yet. I hope the June exchange rate is good. ^^; Since July I have another small pre-order. Yikes!!! More suffering!!!


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