Internet Suck and My Moto is back

What a fucking day and night is having a nonstop fuck up internet speed. It’s been a few weeks for god sake! Ahhh…something is terribly wrong and the asshole working in Telbru are not looking at it, yet again. I have to file a complaint tomorrow to the supervisor and asked for the new free modem no matter what.

Anyway, finally my Nokia N80 is totally fucked! Damn the slide cable issue causes the whole screen white whenever I tried to slide and even some of the button won’t respond. Luckily I still kept my Motorola Razr V3i with me. I knew one day it might happen to the slide phone. Man, this year really sure has a lot of stuffs happening to me. My car, my phone and my internet are all turning into some kind of curse against on me.


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