New Alcatel Modem – Another Update Again

IMG_3095 (640x480)After Many day Update - Okay first of all, the speed is same as always, nothing much changes and my leveling stuck. However, I also received news about Telbru is now looking into the problem as they found out the issue why many of us received a terrible download and website loading. I heard it might take a while because they are waiting for the developer to look into it and investigate the issue. I hope I can get my game back on. Anyhow, torrent users won’t be encountering much problem.

This will probably help me to find out the cause of the internet problem. I just received it on lunch time today and only done a short test using Brunet bandwidth test. Both Hua Wei and Alcatel modem were able to received acceptable speed at this hour. But Alcatel performs more responsive on the test. Probably because it take much more advantage on new Lucent equipments Telbru currently using according to my friends. I will update this post again for my personal test results tonight.

Day One Update - The new Alcatel modem does did some trick solving my internet performance issue last night. It doesn’t lag as much than before so often and but the download speed still stuck between 21 kb/s to maximum 55 kb/s using the free download manager which is the same result using Hua Wei modem. I think I have to change the DSL filter and this time I will load RF Online to test the stability for the game connection.

Day Two Update - I forget to change the DSL filter last night. Not sure if necessary to change since my espeed internet speed test was good. Anyway, playing RF Online was fine at the moment without getting disconnecting after login into the game. It still lags time to time in the game but so far so good. Tonight and next day I will hit RF Online more for test because I missed so many weeks on leveling. >_<;;;


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