I Smash My Door

Wow…I can’t believe I really did that without any second thought. Once the door locks up, I realize all my keys were inside. Car key, room key, house key, everything was in there! I was like fuck, what am I going to do? I can’t call my sister because she did not have any car to come back to open for me. I was so pissed off and have been a bit depressing lately. There causes my anger trigger straight away kicking the door. I forget how many times I actually kick but it takes only few times open. What a lousy door I have to say. The local house contractors who build this house previously cheated my father money quite a lot using lousy materials. Probably I really have a brute force or something. >_>;;;

I believe I have an anger problem behavior. I don’t really know how serious it actually was to me but I feel like getting worst from it sometimes. I have been controlling my anger for many years from work and families issues I encounter for long time. It’s not easy to control it when someone you hated the most tried to trigger your anger (like my step bitch). Anyway, now I have to buy a new door before the damn thieves gets into my room. Man, during my worst financial years having so many stupid things around me.


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