Mafia Wars and Valve Orange Box

What a crazy popular game feature in Facebook. Everyone is playing it and funny enough to catch one of my customers hitting so hard on it at work with current level 198 and already had 500 mafia members. He is really so addicted to the game and not to mention full time on Facebook. I wonder how many of you are really so obsessed with Facebook and its game everyday?

I also played Mafia Wars not long ago and spend only two to three times a day sometimes. Hate to say it, but every time I check I always get rob or attack by anyone. It’s not easy to play, but well, still a good game to keep you company for a while. Sooner or later I won’t be playing because I brought an Orange Box games from Steam for US$9.99! Woot!!! Once finished download, I will be playing Team Fortress 2 and continue Half Life 2 game. Man, I really loves Steam weekend deals.


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