This Week Nothing

Yep, nothing much except doing some personal job fixing my friend PC. I need some cash for my car fuel and breakfast because next few months I am still going broke. Thanks to my car again, fucking on me yet again for this month. Both of the engine mounting eventually damage on below so I can’t just wait too long until next month payout, it will be bad if the engine suddenly fall downs if the top mounting break. >_<;;; if you find your car shake too much, better go check up. Don’t wait and you can’t escape from it even you doesn’t want to fork out your hard earn money.

Another bad thing happen is my Nokia N80 sliding cable is getting bad and always show white screen whenever I slide or press any button. This is why slide phone is bad after few years. I plan to send for repair next month since I still have my spare Motorola RAZR with me. Damn, so much things fuck up for this year. Anyway, check out the new Transformer 2 trailer!


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