Odin, Nohohon, Disgeas and My Otome Arrived!!!

Finally arrived! I have been waited for at least two more weeks. I have no idea what was the delay or it is because it was Chinese New Year? I’m not really sure about it but Chinese people would start working after four or five days rest. I first would thought it might be my second time losing it at the air freight for this year. Last year I lost it as badly as those were limited figures and my mini idog. Anyway, check out the photos!


IMG_1879 (1024x768) IMG_1880 (768x1024)


Disgeas - I was lucky to get a secret character, not sure who she is but I only know the Magic knight appear on the anime.

IMG_1883 (1024x768)IMG_1884 (1024x768)


Mai Otome - I didn't get Mai or Arika and even Juliet. Like both of them instead I hit a two Chie Hallard and Nobue. I hate Nobue and I decided to put on the helmet. It look more cooler with Chie together. It would be a perfect match if I got another one.

IMG_1885 (1024x768)IMG_1887 (1024x768)


Nohohon Zoku - I have been thinking about getting one of these TOMY products. It looks pretty nice putting in your room especially for decorating. If you don't what Nohohon can do, it moved its head itself power by the lights from the solar panel built at the bottom (see the picture). You don’t need the battery to run this decorate toys.


It was a smart moved ordering 5 million sales achievement limited color Nohohon after I saw it. I should have gotten two but never mind I finally got one for myself. My next one going to be a bit bigger!!!

IMG_1881 (1024x768)  IMG_1888 (768x1024)


Final Fantasy Limited Collection – Woot!!! Odin!!! Finally I got it. I am crazy FF fans and I will tried to get it once I seen it. Right now, I am focusing on June getting Disney Kingdom Heart third release figures.

IMG_1889 (1024x768)IMG_1890 (1024x768)


Bandai to raise price of Gundam model kits

NO WAY!!! This is terrible and shocking news for Gundam fans around the world. Here’s the news I always read at Gunota Headlines Blog.

ITmedia News reports Bandai is looking into a mark-up on the price of Gunpla. According to the news, the reason for this is a steep rise in the cost of materials as a result of high oil prices. When the change in pricing might occur, exactly what merchandise it will affect, and how much it will be is not known. Bandai's PR department is quoted as saying, "The details haven't been decided but there is a change in merchandise specifications which has added cost to new parts & booklets for Gunpla and we will be repricing."

A week ago, Aoi Model Shop, a blog said to be run by an employee in a hobby shop on the outskirts of Akihabara, claimed there would be a 10-20% increase in HGUC and MG kit prices beginning around May. Oil prices were cited as the reason. Furthermore, the site said it looked as though old merchandise would also be marked up as it was reissued. As with the official news, it was said there are details yet to be settled.

Totally going to blast my bank more if that happen, then my purchase on HGUC and MG model has to be early on March and April before it happen. I am going to stop ordering the spray paint and other display base between these two months first and see how the situations on the price. DAMN stupid oil!!! >_<;;;;

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Valentine Day Friends Gathering

Valentine day is already over for two weeks. However I didn’t want to miss any of my memories on what happen on that day. Friends’ gathering is a beautiful moments to met up with your old time fellow every few years time. It’s hard to imagine everyone walks out their own way have change their life in the new environment. I was happy to see them coming visit me during Valentine and Chinese New Year. Seeing their faces to make you feel good and most likely lots of hundred questions you might want to ask. We sure talk a lot and good opportunity to dig up some information about your other friend’s privacy. >=D But I have to say, I do really hit by a lot of shocking news which I find it unbelievable to be true.


Firstly, marriage has been starting going on every year. But I didn’t expect few of my friends I know were married and even engaging to be marrying end of this year. Most of them are younger than me and they already planned to settle down to start a family sooner or later. I am happy for them and also lucky to saw some of them at the open house directly. I did ask them about their engagement, but some of them told me they only sign the paper. You sign, you already prepared for engagement. It just the timing on when you are going celebrate on your wedding. How about me? Nah!


Other unimagined stories are breakup couples. I don’t really want to be a busy body or probably talk about this. But I still find it unbelievable on how can it just end their stories like that with such a long relationship? Few of them have been together for almost more than five years and suddenly end up like dust after my friends told me on Valentine day. I was like ‘Wow, can you believe that’. Wasting so many years together and giving out the loves for the persons that were not easy thing to accomplish. I am so sad hearing this kind of events. Well, I guess this is fate or something. Just hope they can find a better relationship and happiness.


Oh yeah, I also did asked about the girls that I hardly remember and confirm if I did saw them on the streets and town. My friends told me it’s real person I met. Well, it sure makes me remember some memories of bullying those girls and also the first girl that nearly success gives me a slap. >_>;;; That was a tom boy at that time at school. I wonder how she looks like now. XD My friend did told me she becoming very attractive and I hope one day I will be able to meet her myself. Just hope no aggressive slap from her. Yikes!!!

Gundam Dynames - Finished!

Phew! Finally it’s done! I started yesterday afternoon to work on the Gundam Dynames 1/100. I don’t really know which to start parts I should be doing instead I go ahead doing all at the same time. I think more than five years I have not starts to assemble Gundam and my work is a bit messy doing the spray paint and cleaning up the parts. At first, I was thinking going for the easy one because I still had not assemble the last year 1/144 Blue destiny 02 and GM Striker which I brought it last year. I will make another order for Blue Destiny 03 and some restock on spray paint next month. I think I am getting SD version as well. The Romance of Three Kingdoms looks really good too and I have seen it myself. Anyway, my Dynames is waiting for me to talk about him. Work logs begin!

Full size pictures [at] this link.

Day 1 - Starting

My first day on Brunei National Day public holiday working on Dynames in the afternoon. I couldn’t finish it even until night as I decided to stop and rest. The biggest mistake is I didn’t buy a temporary mask for my protection when working on the kits. I have inhale so much on the thinner, glues and spray paint these two days. I will be getting it next month including a plastic hand gloves.

Day 2 - Done!

Alright, sometimes guy do like buying a cute plush dolls. ^^;;; Okay, the second picture shows a success finished the arms and leg. More close up shots.

Closer shots.

The mistake spots on the head especially the sniper mode.

Working on guns and painting! I like my worked on sniper gun. I have to says it look good. Only the guns storage is the problem. It always destroy the holding parts when I insert into it. The clear UV won't protect it long. I should check out some mod tips to prevent this kind of problem.

Armors and guns are all up! Work Done!


Gundam Dynames on some actions!!! Well, that's all for now. I will worked on Blue Destiny once I get hold on BD-03 next month. Now, I have to find a IKEA furniture for my Gundam and figures display.


Weird People at Park

Yes, today it's my first time ever met with such weird person in my life. I was shock when he is following me on the back silence after I felt something wrong. Whenever I went to jogging in Mumong parks, I always bring my phone alone with me. People don’t usually bring it with them, but I will because I can play the songs and if anything happen I can still call immediately without rushing back to my car. This is the reason why can’t hear him or caught any attention with someone on my back.


I was shock after I saw him near on my back and he smile. WTF? I wasn’t really impressed with what he did and the funny thing is. He started talk to me and asked me if it was my first time jogging in this park. Everything turns out a nightmare talking with someone I don’t even know and hiding in my back. He sure talked and asked a lot mine private life. I manage to turn it around the table and asked him most about his. And yes, he had really a lot of problems in his private life and kept telling me about how his family treated him including problems putting on his shoulder. You may be thinking using finger cross on his stories. In my case, I am easily noticed something is wrong about him, that is why I referring as ‘weird’ person instead calling him something else.


Not sure what have the family members done to him or maybe he was natural born this way. He asked me if I have any solutions can help him to solve the family problems. Am I a psychology doctor or something here? I guess I can’t shake him off, so my only choice is to listen what’s his story while we continue to jog. He told me he hates them a lot and bringing so much stress even asking questions what he is doing every time. He talks about how annoy his Grandma is, even mention how his sisters and mother everyday complaining something that not even his faults. I can clearly see on his face, somewhat a strong anger towards his family and I hope he won’t just ended up doing something stupid.


My answers are pretty simple and since he told me he has not working for nearly two years. O_O? I’m sure everyone already has the answers by now in seconds, which is obviously clear in such situations. Yes, look for work! If you got your own jobs, I’m sure the family will not complained much about it. If you stay at home too much, of course your family will start annoying you badly. I’m sure his surrounding will be improved better as you are facing a new environment outside. Ignore your family complains that is not related to you and if the topics are not under your list. You better turn off your mouth until you got the right questions and answers in the list before you made any mistake spoiling the moods. Not sure if he understands but I hope it might help him.


What concerns me is that some people in the parks do seem to know him. Probably same things happen just like me. >_<;; Not a nice moved on that. But the time just pass in an hour’s when chatting with him and I told him I’m going. Well, something just went wrong again. He asked me to wait for him as he wants to go to toilet. Huh? After that, he walks back and told me he doesn’t want to go to that toilet as he better used his owns at home. Hmm…I still told him I’m going home and he asked me if I might come back for jogging on Sunday or next week. LOL! I just let him know, if I’m free I will come. However, I really don’t like chatting while I am jogging as I always want to clear and relax my mind. Unless if it’s a pretty girl or maybe my girlfriend, that I won’t hold back with my mouth. HA!!! XD

CHMS Lion Dance 2008

Every Chinese New Year, everyone will go to see the Lion Dance in Chung Hua Middle School (CHMS) at any place in Brunei. Of course for me I will go to my nearest town which is my old school in Kuala Belait. I never had been to Seria before which is until now even it takes me 20 minutes to reach there. Unless my friends asked me to go with them, but it just never happen. I also went to Tutong and the Capital to perform few years ago when I was still at school. I have to say it was the most enjoyable moment and we owed the stage when my sensei started out the dragon dance. Even it was impressed by His Majesty including other visitors from many countries on the Sultan Birthday as far I remember. I really missed those excitement days. Time flow like a wind blew.


Anyway, I wonder how my town Chinese school is going to entertain us this year. Last year was disappointed I have to say and the performance are same as previous year. However, I was happy I am able to meet up with my lion dance sensei at the open house and asked him to share his view on this year. He told me that there will be better and more changes in the performance including more programs added to the list. I guess missing the event is not a good idea, and at the same time I need to check out the stadium that was renovated last year.


***All photos are taken by Canon PowerShot A710 IS.


The new entrance? WTF? I don't know who came up with this idea.CHMS_liondance_2008 (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (2) (1024x768)

CHMS_liondance_2008 (3) (1024x768)

Although the place has filled with plenty of air conditioning in the stadium, I was surprised to see the place becoming to cramp and difficulty for non-VIP to look for the empty seats. If you look at the picture, it was still around 18.20PM. The performance starts at 20.00PM and you have to be there early if you are non-VIP. I still took my time walking around and take some pictures on the lion while I can before more people coming in to take over my seats.


Well, I still prefer the old version. The new one look too cute for ladies. CHMS_liondance_2008 (6) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (8) (1024x768)

My Uncle son taking time filling up his stomach. LOL! I always like to show that ugly face. Damn I'm FAT!!!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (12) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (13) (1024x768)

Finally BEGIN!!! The Lion Dance Trooper. All new faces!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (28) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (30) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (32) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (38) (1024x768)

First dance show. Comon and twist again! (It was playing oldies song) Nice move on that one.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (42) (1024x768)

Second stage. Kung Fu weapons performance!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (46) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (50) (1024x768)


Third Stage. Cute little lion dancing!

 CHMS_liondance_2008 (53) (1024x768)

Forth Stage. CHMS S.H.E idols? I can't hear them singing properly because of the speaker not turn on loud enough. Who's fault? De damn schxxl! XD

CHMS_liondance_2008 (55) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (56) (1024x768)

Fifth Stage. Another dancing. Amazingly, one of the kid do a break dance at the end.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (57) (1024x768)

Sixth Stage. Finally Lion Dance Shows!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (64) (768x1024)

Seventh Stage. One of my relative in the group.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (69) (1024x768)

Break time over! The lion hunt for red packets.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (75) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (77) (1024x768)

CHMS_liondance_2008 (80) (1024x768)


Eighth Stage. They Stomp De yard! If they are able to correct the mistake on the timing. I'm sure they will do better.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (86) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (88) (1024x768) CHMS_liondance_2008 (89) (1024x768)


Ninth Stage - Kung Fu and Weapons Performance

CHMS_liondance_2008 (93) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (96) (1024x768) CHMS_liondance_2008 (97) (1024x768)

Tenth Stage. They Stomp De Yard 2.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (100) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (102) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (101) (1024x768) 

Eleventh Stage. Lion Dance 2

CHMS_liondance_2008 (113) (1024x768)

Twelve Stage. Chinese Dance

CHMS_liondance_2008 (116) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (120) (1024x768) CHMS_liondance_2008 (124) (1024x768)


Last Stage. Lion Jumping Fire Performance and dance.

CHMS_liondance_2008 (129) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (135) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (137) (1024x768)CHMS_liondance_2008 (140) (1024x768)


Last Ending Surprised!

CHMS_liondance_2008 (154) (768x1024) CHMS_liondance_2008 (156) (768x1024)