Guide on Registering Brunei Citizenship Examination (Update#1)

I never thought registering Brunei Citizenship examination are really fucking inconvenienced. Worst, I don't see blogger write about it either in the web search telling us how and what to bring. So to make this easy, I decided to write the guide for my future reference and hopefully able to help you fellow PR.

Avoid Waste of Time

First of all, people may told you to register in the capital usually way faster. It's true but my question is, do you really need to be that hurry? Bahasa Brunei are not easy to learned (even most local Malay) and remembering every details of this country takes lots of effort studying. Unless you already a good confidence in speaking and writing, you may go ahead. Still, if you live in Belait or Tutong or even Temburong district. My suggestion go for the nearest and shortest route to the immigration building for registration.

The reason I recommend that way are nobody knows when the law and rules will change every years in Brunei (as well announced by His Majesty during his Birthday). To be extra cautions and avoid waste of time. You better first off prepare necessary require original and photocopy documents before heading over. The best advice, JUST BRING EVERYTHING!

Be Mental Prepare

Yes, be mental prepare getting fucked by the Government employees. A lot of my friends told me some of these people are rude, trouble and disrespectful during registration. Don't asked why. The only thing you just need to keep your cool down and ignore them 100% all time.

Of course, friends words can be deceiving and should see the truth with your own eyes. From my personal experience, the lady who served me are really helpful and teaching me how to fill up the forms correctly. Everything went smoothly except had to go back the second time because some documents I don't have photocopied and my original passport left at home.

This is what I meant above, such problem can occur sometimes so its pointless how fast the registration can be done in capital. But once you forget or don't have any of these documents they wanted. In the end, you need to head back home looking for it again. The nearest always saved your time.

What You Need to know

Now, I was thinking about scan and upload the national registration form to the internet saving everyone time. In the end I hold back, not because I afraid of the law or something. I realized the rules has change in 2011 so to be safe and making sure the registration form is not replace. I have to go there to verify.

Here what I was told, the lady (for KB immigration) advises everyone to bring along all your original documents over, photocopies, and fill the forms directly in immigrations. Apparently the form and letter they gave out will be recorded with register code so it's not wise to photocopy yourself and fill straight away. No worries, you will be guided carefully and making sure the information's are correctly filled. There will be few questions to be asked while they looking at your documents at the same time.

Since you will be there filling up the forms yourself, use a blue pen and try your best write in Bahasa Malay beautifully. Most importantly, dress with respect and your hair too. Otherwise they won't entertain you.

What to Bring

The information's below are merely based on the paper that require to be shown in the immigrations. Again, for your own fucking sake, bring EVERYTHING no matter you are single or married with children's! They just want to see it!

Original documents require prepare to show during registration:-

  • Company letter.
  • Your Birth Certificate.
  • Letter or yellow form Resident Permit (original or certified true copy).
  • Islam Certificate. (only for those already or convert to Muslim)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • High school, colleague and university leave certificate / testimonial.
  • P.C.E, PMB, G.C.E 'O' / 'A' level and other you have completed through your studies in the past or present.
  • Passport.
  • Identity card.
  • Both your father and mother identity cards.

*If your parents already passed away, you need to bring along register of deaths certificate. Please take note that even either one of them did change their name before, you are required to show and give one photocopy documents.

Require photocopy documents and others for registration:-

  • 2x Passport Photo
  • 1x Company letter
  • 1x Birth Certificate
  • 1x Letter or yellow form Resident Permit (original or certified true copy)
  • 1x Islam Certificate
  • 1x Marriage Certificate
  • 2x Identity card
  • 1x Every copy for High school, colleague and university leave certificate / testimonial.
  • 1x Every copy for P.C.E, PMB, G.C.E 'O' / 'A' level and other you have completed through your studies in the past or present.
  • 1x Every copy for both your father and mother identity cards or register of death certificate.
  • 1x Passport page one (Horizontal Top), page 2 & 3 (vertical mid), page 42 & 43 (vertical mid), page 48 (vertical mid) and lastly your latest date for reentry permit stamp (horizontal top)


  1. Congratulations on taking the first step =)

  2. Thank you, no confidence at all in my studies =D. Oh, Gong Xi Fa Chai!

  3. Have u got news on your results? I sat for the exam in 2011 or 2012, passed but never got called for the oath. I heard recently these few months there were people getting called but I am not too optimistic for some reasons. It is kinda heart wrenching seeing friends in the previous batches getting it quite smoothly after passing until one or two batch before me.

    1. There were news flying around getting called from the Government. Sadly I havent receive any words yet. If you havent which means my queue is way longer. =)


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