My Chinese New Year 2009

Day 1 – Staying At Grand Mom Home

I have to be straight on this, Chinese New Year has become boring to me and many of them admit much like having holidays instead. I stay at my grandmother house the whole day eating and chatting with my cousins only while also waiting for my mom coming back from Singapore. Everyone goes separate way on the visiting and I didn’t know who I should follow. I ended up didn’t visit my mom sister open house and I miss the buffets. ^^;;; Well, still not bad getting lots of red packet. Sometimes eating had to be very careful, which am I almost got sick that day because I ate too much fried junk foods. Hehe…

Day 2 – Miri

IMG_2938 (800x600) Since, I do not have any plans going anywhere on the first day and also on Tuesday. My uncle asked me if I wanted to follow them going down to Miri to visit some of their friends. At first, the biggest problem is that I didn’t check my entry permit after I came back from Singapore last year. I tend to forget things easily because I’m not a person who loves travel. Luckily, my entry permit still allowed me to cross the border before 9th February.

IMG_2947 (800x600) Same as always, every home we visit are foods. I have to say it was a great cook meals and crazy eating the roasted duck. Oh my God, I really have to take some jog sooner. I think my weight is going up lately due to lack of exercise. Damn the rain!

Anyway, I happen spotted the Chinese version Dengeki Hobby Magazine while we drop by in Boulevard Mall and the price is dirt cheaper compared to Hong Kong trying to sell it in US dollar. Too bad I didn’t find the January and February bundles over there as I already guess it completely sold out. Just too bad.

Day 3 – Another Visit and Continue My Unfinished Gunpla

My last for Chinese New Year visit to my relative house for third day. It was actually a not plan on the list, since it just boring in the morning. I should just drop by over there and I didn’t expect another great meals await me there, fried Rolls, Goats, Chicken, Fish and Curry Chicken food done by my uncle alone. Man, I really enjoy eating it without having second thought getting sick sooner. Heck!

IMG_2924 (600x800) After the visit, I head back home and starts continue working on my unfinished gunpla. Like I said before, CNY is boring. So no other plan on the visiting because I knew going alone is lonely. ^^;; That’s all for today. A short post and hate raining.

Don’t Film Yourself Nude or Sex Tape

I shouldn’t have brought this shit up around Chinese New Year. But I decided to write it and post because I find it worth to all readers or blogger to be extra aware especially the girls and ladies. I found a blog that post nude photos, sex video and more interestingly it also got the sex scandal video available to view and free download. The website operates much like news blog and I have been really enjoying reading it. XD

You guys out there should mind yourself taking nude photo or stop having a second thought of making sex tape. I have seen many Malaysian and Singapore posts related to the sex scandal or better to say become worst victims. The worst are the boyfriends or those who got it from anonyms who distribute it and ending up on the website. Even this incident ended up in The Strait Times news last year in Singapore including a special interview with the author who posts up the picture and videos.

I do not wish to see the Bruneian end up on that website because not even celebrities like Edison Chen could bring that site down as it posted up all the celebrities sex scandal photos. So you girls have to be fucking extra careful, no matter how much you want to give away your virginity and make your men happy. if you guys insist doing it, make sure you delete it or destroy it.

Mind you, I will not post the link here for my own safety reason.

DEP Close Live Messenger Automatically

I don’t know why the hell the DEP tried to close my messenger when the offline message pops up from one of my friends. It’s annoying and it repeats kept shutting down the program. I know the virus is from my friend’s computer and I’m not sure what type of new trojons this time messing with it. I still haven’t found the solutions for it but I did collect some virus removal for the messenger and ask them to try it. Everyone should new to aware the offline message asking you to click the link are fake so please be careful.

I actually solved the DEP problem simply log into my Live Desktop Mail to delete my friend from the contact. Another way of solving this can be done by logging to your Live or Hotmail delete it. I hope this solution will help you guys.

Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) Review

There are many notebook bags and sleeve out there. Most likely, many of you might prefer more stylist and fashion types when bringing out to any cafes or gathering places. Choiix is a new brand specializes on designing life-style accessories for Notebook, Eee PC, Netbook and MID (Mobile Internet Device). I’m sure probably not many of you aware and heard before because it just started not long ago last year on 2008. You can expect more products coming soon this year.

Today I will be reviewing the Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) with the size allows for carrying 12”-13” W Notebook or even Netbook. The sleeve itself has an aluminum cover use for protecting the LCD and LED panel. The cover is not just for protecting the notebook only, it also feature a studied angle design for putting the notebook on top of the cover to prevent hand injury.

While this sleeve was made with fabric material, you can put on your lap without worrying dealing the heat from the notebook. Just don’t forget the aluminum also help in heat dissipation and the fabric material below helps to prevent scratch on the glass table.

Inside the sleeve, both sides were made with cushions except the horizontal side is naked. The side wasn’t really a big issue, unless you are carrying a size of 14” W notebook. Oh yes you can.

You can adjust the sleeve size, in case you have a thick notebook size. There aren’t many sleeves allow you to do that which is normally fixed size.

Choiix teams really put an effort designing the sleeve and tried make it a good used on everything instead of just using it for carrying notebook like a bag. I don’t find much bad and flaws on the sleeve. But the only complain and missing thing they should do in the first place is including a pouch for allowing carrying the power adapter. Not everyone own a 8 cell batteries. LOL…

I don’t mind not having an external mouse with me. I simply can’t stand on carrying both notebook and power adapter using separate hand. It’s annoying you have to go back to your car to take the power adapter and if you are forgetful person who left home or in the busy place. It could be a real problem. I really hope Choiix design teams will take note on this problem.

Nonetheless, the overall design and features are really great. I have to say I love it and hopefully I will get myself a notebook or Netbook this year. For your information, I currently have no idea what is the retail price or if there are any availability in Brunei at the moment. I will post it in my blog if I find any local shops selling it.

<<View Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) Photo Album>>

HLJ January Hoot and CHOIIX Arrived

Both of them arrived yesterday and I didn’t post because I was working on the recovery data for the country manager laptop. It was terrible stress last night. It was a disaster doing the Window repairing because of one simply upgrading memory ram causes the logon account won’t load and ended up working until eleven o’clock. After bath, I went straight to watch Gundam OO S2 Episode 15 and I love the ending song ‘Trust you’.

Hobby Link Japan

Arrived 004s

I mention before I have order the spray paints to work on my next Gundam model. I got most of them from Mr Hobby products because the color quality is really good when I used it on 1/144 GP02A scale model. I brought one White, Dark Gray, Neutral Gray and Light Gray. Almost all gray! I wanted to see which colors are suitable for the mechanical parts and weapons. For the 1/144 scale models, I brought one Gundam Green Astray (first) and my first Kotobukiya R-Gun mecha under the sales list. I don’t think much at the time for good bargain. ^^


Arrived 005s

My last year prize item I won from Choiix. It’s an Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) which can carry the size of the laptop with 12”w and 13”w. Selina was kindly to put in a letter asking the winner to help writing the review and promote their products. Don’t worry, Selina, I already plan to review because I really like it. I’m going to do the photography tonight because I was lucky to have a 13” Sony VAIO (not mine!) with me for demo for my review.

RGM79C Type GP – Work in Progress # Part 1

It’s time for me to start get working on my Gundam. It took me a while thinking what should I do with three of my MG. it would be a waste leaving like that, and so I decided to buy the MG scale RGM79C - Type C to be used both of my old Gundam RX-78 and Gundam GP01 new mixing projects, except the first MG Zaku II will be fully restore using HiQ Parts. HiQ parts are not cheap kits compare to Kotobukiya and it might push me to start working on the restoring within six to seven months. ^^;;; I guess I have no choice because of my new plan controlling my budget.
Anyway, first of all, the shoulder parts for GP01 are broken and I only done here adding a bit details using Kotobukiya kits I brought recently. I am still thinking how to solve the broken issue and probably might tried to mod it.
RGM-79 TYPE GP Work in Progress 002
As for the leg parts, I only done the sanding and adding details which also includes solving the missing parts. I will start the spraying this week after I received the HLJ order tomorrow.
RGM-79 TYPE GP Work in Progress 004
RGM-79 TYPE GP Work in Progress 005

Hobby Search Hoot! – January 2009

It was faster this time which was original ship from Tuesday. I went straight to the post office yesterday to grab my stuff. My HLJ is also coming and probably I should be able to get it next week before Chinese New Year. This time from Hobby Search, I decided to buy Tamiya cutter, Tamiya Scriber, two Kotobukiya Duct Nozzles and Gundam Fix – RX78-2 Heavy gundam under bargain list.

Hobby Search - January 2009s

You might question me why I don’t simply just buy cutter and scriber locally. It simple, they are expensive even if made from China and the quality is not that good which is why I prefer buying the best quality tools to use for my plastic modeling kits. I have to say the cutter helps me a lot today. As for the Gundam Fix, well, since it’s under the bargain list. Why not just buy it I ask myself. The only disappointment thing I find inside the box include display stand. ><! Argg damn Bandai!

Total damage, = ¥6320.00 Yen.

Microsoft Brunei, Makes Your Life Miserable

Microsoft was originally launching their services in Brunei last year. Of course, many of you might think mainly because pirated issue in Brunei and they are likely slowly to take action against all local shop to sell pirated Window into newly build PC to the customers. This includes encouraging Governments, schools and companies to used genuine copies of Window and Office to run their business.

There are things that really bother me about their marketing programs. I don’t know if they are here to help telling to us all that using pirated copy on our system is bad and easier infected by virus if we don’t update our Window. But it turns out to me like the Microsoft somewhat wasn’t doing all this shit instead of making everyone finance life’s much more harder than ever especially the local PC shop are suffering from the sales. I’m sure anyone already notices something is wrong with the OS pricing when you tried to get a license for Window XP or Vista OEM version if you take the survey carefully. Don’t you find the prices were set nearly twice the amount compare to other countries? This is the reason why I get my license from Singapore instead and I have to say I save $50 buck cheaper for an OEM than in Brunei.

If you remember hearing buying genuine operating system and software will helps them to create more jobs. How many do you see the locals actually working with Microsoft today? I don’t know whose the retard is making such idiotic statements. But all I know they make the PC shop business suffers more from selling license Windows or office and customs build PC to the customers because of their crazy price that doesn’t even make any single commissions out from it. Scaring away the customers wasn’t the only problem and they rather having to use pirated version even more forcing PC owners to install it for them.

However, there’s a big catch for the company’s owner. If you intend to buy the genuine Asia Pacific Windows or Office license from other countries like Singapore or Malaysia for your office PC. Well, you are going to feel fuck up on this. According to the local Microsoft (lawyer I heard, Oooo…), they can point a finger at you using pirated version because you are not buying from them locally. This actually makes me confused by it and mad as I went to check on the Microsoft OEM territory for more information. What I found out is that Brunei is still not listed yet on the website, which is why the local Microsoft said you are using pirated version. Don’t ever get yourself wrong about the territory, most importantly is Brunei originally belonging to Asia Pacific region. To my own opinion, if you are getting genuine license label in Asia Pacific, you won’t get any trouble activating in Brunei. The only problem is the local Microsoft. To me, they have no right to say it was pirated from the beginning with because they were also selling Asia-Pacific version to us. What’s the different in the first place? He only missing thing is the label that only sell in Brunei only. This was intentionally trying to threaten and force you buying new OEM PC or laptop.

I don’t know who the one sitting behind the table is and I don’t know why Singapore and Malaysia are so successful with their marketing strategy and had better promoting the use of genuine programs. But for my own opinions, starting Microsoft in Brunei is a mistake if it doesn’t help the economics better and offer friendly programs to the local business or affordable price. They are only here to just make profits in the end.

Cowboy Behop Anime to Live Action

One of the actors is already confirm and I believe everyone is absolutely know him if I said Matrix. ^^ You guess right, Keane Reeve will be star as Spike Spiegel. I haven’t heard who are going to star Jet Black, Faye Valentine and Edward Wong characters yet. I’m sure we will know it sooner. Let’s hope the director who is going to take this job seriously and not destroying it like Dragon Ball, OMG. Although I’m not really a fan of Cowboy Behop series and movie, but the overall stories are not bad either. I also can’t wait to see ‘Akira’ and ‘Ghost in the Shell’ sooner.

What a New Year in Raining

Thanks to the heavy rain, I worked like hell and my ass hurt cleaning the office last week because the water came into and flood the whole office. it was a good exercise since I can’t even went to jog because of rain. We are expecting another heavy rain probably this or next week according to the weather station. Yikes! Chinese New Year was so close and we really hope there won’t be anything bad happen. Just like last night, more than two hours without electricity and I have to go to bed earlier at 7PM because there weren’t else to do. Although there were a little power came to my home, but I didn’t really want to take risk turning on my PC and watching movies. Well, it’s time for Saturday Night Live! comedy show I missed too much TV shows lately.

Zhang Ziyi Caught Topless. So What

This is a hottest topic by all Chinese in the world especially it stung the million people in China. I’m not going to post any link or picture in my blog. Go search Google or other search engine and sure it will pop up a second. But today I am writing to express my view on the comments I have read so far over the net.

I myself don’t really find this kind of thing offensive or consider these photos as pornography. It just that people in China are so sensitive over these matter calling her shame and like insult the whole country image probably because the white guy bite her ass and well, flat chest, taken from the photos. What is so wrong about her being topless privately at the beach in the west with her romantic partner? Everyone over there goes topless by themselves willingly and the only difference between the others is just an actress. It’s not like I am her crazy supporting fan or something. However, I find this haters reasons are unacceptable. Those comments are always full of nonsense, anger, stupid, betray and jealousies towards their own beloved popularity people. It’s like they own it and every piece of them should not be taint by outside influences and lifestyle.

Same cases I have read last year. I don’t know which popular actress is, but she is from China whom she married and becoming a citizen in Singapore. She also received the same kind of treatments and criticism her been shame migrating to another country. I shake my head when reading those comments and it was so insulting coming from a idiots.

Anything will happen in entertainment industries especially when the paparazzi that follow them around taking pictures and write stories for living. This kind of things is just getting normal day by day, but it just the million of those people in China don’t see this that way.

Annoying Drivers Barbarian

This is what I hated most when driving any where in the country experiencing such abuse from our local people. I don’t recall anything what happen yesterday. All I know there was a sport car tail behind and honk few times direct on me apparently for no reason after I turn around from small junction. I suspect maybe the causes of driving too slow, around 60km/h? I have no idea who the person was.

I know I shouldn’t have done this aggressively, but I was totally pissed off when I turn in cross junction and that asshole gives me another honk again. I pull the brake, reverse and gave a chase using a under power 1990 Toyota Wagon. @_@ What I intend to do at that time was ask him what the fuck is wrong with him and settle in police station once a for all. I’m sure he saw me braking and reverse. If that guy has the ball, he will surely attack me, I will definitely record down the events. But that fucker speed off so fast I couldn’t even find him. I’m sure everything will definitely turn out ugly if he stops. I don’t care because these people think they are gangsters like and power to do whatever they like in the country.

Normally we ignore those road abuses or bullies from time to time, but however, when things don’t turn out to be nice. I would recommend everyone to bring them to the police to settle the matter. Although there are strong possible hints those police knew and were best friends with them. We still have to put them down into the complain list no matter what. I don’t really care which family they come from, but when there are doing bad things to the public. They should be punishing by Brunei laws. If it doesn’t turn out to be helpful. Write a complain letter to the head Police department to the capital to make it worst and pressure the case.

January Online Hooting

HA!!! I will never learn any lessons stop spending money! Chinese New Year is coming next two weeks soon and I’m dying hard hunting some red packets for covering my orders soon. ><;;; That was not the only reason I dared to spend, it’s because I manage to get a small bonus from my salary. But I have to admit this is not consider a good news to me, since it just a refund from my own transportation fuel using at work last year which my boss never intend to pay. I guess better than nothing.

I am able to settle half of my mom debts today and going to save some for next month settling my friend also. It doesn’t feel too good delaying the payment, even though my friend is okay with it. Well, after a few thought about controlling my spending. From now on, I will only purchase Gundam when there are sales or clearance at online store only. Because this is the only best way to avoid over spending my budget limit every month and I have to say it’s quite effective for me. Hehehe….

Anyway, I already made a purchase on both Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan. I am expecting them to arrive not later before Chinese New Year and I have to start assemble my Gundam soon.

My Vista PC 2008– Why I Choose Them?

My current PC is already five years old now and it’s about time getting a new one. Normally gamers like me always seeking for highest performance to spice up my favorite games. After looking and monitor the PC technologies advance so fast previous years. It eventually hurt my buying and upgrade decision harder because of the development cycles is so fast to catch up these days that’s why it took at least five years to get a new PC. I am hoping mine current setup will last at least for three years cycle this time.

New PC (3) (1024x768)

Here’s the hardware I have gotten and win from online contest this year which it already save me around more than B$1500.00 dollar (estimate) setup.

Window Vista Home Premium

There are many people out there dislike Vista a lot when it first release until now. The reasons are simple, it required latest faster hardware, problem supporting older programs (especially for office and dos) and at least 4GB memory ram to run smoothly. Although the latest services pack 1 already solved much performance issue and has better hardware supports. There are many still prefer to wait for Window Seven next year.

I don’t really care much anyway, as I already brought the Vista Home Premium original license from Singapore for S$140.00 (or lower a bit by now). It was worth it and at least $60+ dollar cheaper than in Brunei. Thanks to the Tech Distribution damaging the local PC market profits and making customers much even more wanted to have pirated install on their PC and laptop. I will explain more detail about the Microsoft in Brunei on my next post. BTW, I do not have any problem activate my license too in Brunei. ^^

Intel Quad Core Q9400 Processor with Cooler Master Hyper 212

The reason is simple, lower power consumption and better performance running four cores in the future. The price wasn’t that cheap and not to mention the new Intel i7 mainstream processor version also cost around the same.

New PC (9) (1024x768)

Although many PC experts think having Quad core is useless, I do not believe that is true. Having extra two core for future ready application and helping to reduce the workload is better than nothing. I love the Intel Quad Core performance on my Vista. Many users also like to compare the heat issue with other Core 2 processor because they are much cooler. Well, I don’t use the original Intel cooling fan. I used the best CoolerMaster Hyper212 cooler and install extra same CM cooling fan to cool down the processor down to 30 degree lower at non-overclocking speed. How’s that? When I game with Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, the processor hit up to 43 degree higher on all four cores. Custom cooling always win!

Asus P5Q Pro

IMG_2613 (1024x768)

If you are planning to get a new motherboard for the mainstream, than Asus P5 series can be your likely choice. I am currently using Asus P5Q Pro which has Dual PCI Express 2.0 support for Crossfire and with 6 EPU Engine to manage the PC hardware’s power usage. I simply really like the features offer by Asus especially when I am doing normal surfing or watching movies. I can simply one click to lower down the performance without require run at full speed all time unless I am gaming or doing video encoding. The price is depending on which type of Asus P5 series. Mine is around with the Intel Quad Core price.

Memory Ram and Graphic Card

IMG_2615 (1024x768)

I got a Corsair Dominator 6400 4GB kit from Singapore PC Fair on June and it damages me around $140.00 with Limited Warranty. For the graphic card, it’s a Palit GeForce 8500GT Super+ 1GB I won from the Palit forum two months ago. However, the first one was a DOA (Dead on Arrive) and luckily got a free replacement from the good guys at Palit. I will replace another powerful one next year because I still monitoring the new card on the market before hitting with Dawn of War 2 and Starcraft II.

Hard Disk

IMG_2625 (1024x768)

I brought a Western Digital 750GB from my friend. I couldn’t care less about the price anymore because the price is very affordable nowadays and 500GB is now around B$120.00 or lower if I’m not mistaken. The only problem concern me if something wrong with the drive, you are going to be in deep shit. Make no haste and buy an external desktop or any portable notebook size hard disk for backup. If you are a business man or woman, think less about the money buying a hard drive.

Keyboard and Mouse

Since I win a lot of prizes from CoolerMaster, I decided to buy their accessories and parts from them to show support. Back in Singapore, I was surprise I can find the CM keyboard and mouse bundle which damage me only S$43.00 at Sim Lim Square. That building is the only place you can find all stuffs on computer hardware’s and accessories.

I also own a Razor DeathAdder EA version mouse from Command & Conquer Kane Wrath Expansion. It was worth it and you won’t find that kind of bundle price. It just a question if you might received a bad mouse. Mine? Perfectly good! I love the CM keyboard too.

Chassis & Power Supply

I am using CoolerMaster Cosmos 1000 with Real Power Modular 1000 Watt PSU (Also won from the contest). Both are a kickass product! I’m sure many users might have complaining about the lack of air cooling on the hard disk. Funny thing is that mine was able to get 36 degree and lower when I turn on the air conditioning. All you need is place another cooling fan on top of the HDD slot and you are ready to go. I have to say I am satisfied with the setup and big room for cable management.

Final Setup Photos

New PC (5) (1024x768)

There Are No Limit in Your Future

I can’t really think of a clear idea on the topic, but there is one thing pissed me off on second day of New Year listening something fully I disagree on when people say you can’t expand your future on any business if you work in companies like offshore, oil and gas company etc that based on one career. I was blurring by the words coming from the adult and convince us that this is true. Do you actually believe that as well?

I don’t see there is 100% chance that will happen to anyone having one career that can’t expand their future with another side business. I believe everyone do understand that if you got enough cash in hand to start a side business of your own than it shouldn’t be a problem. But what if those of us who barely had enough money to used each month and support the family? That asshole can’t even answer mine simple question. If you think borrowing money is easy than you should at least think how you going to pay back if your business went down.