Zhang Ziyi Caught Topless. So What

This is a hottest topic by all Chinese in the world especially it stung the million people in China. I’m not going to post any link or picture in my blog. Go search Google or other search engine and sure it will pop up a second. But today I am writing to express my view on the comments I have read so far over the net.

I myself don’t really find this kind of thing offensive or consider these photos as pornography. It just that people in China are so sensitive over these matter calling her shame and like insult the whole country image probably because the white guy bite her ass and well, flat chest, taken from the photos. What is so wrong about her being topless privately at the beach in the west with her romantic partner? Everyone over there goes topless by themselves willingly and the only difference between the others is just an actress. It’s not like I am her crazy supporting fan or something. However, I find this haters reasons are unacceptable. Those comments are always full of nonsense, anger, stupid, betray and jealousies towards their own beloved popularity people. It’s like they own it and every piece of them should not be taint by outside influences and lifestyle.

Same cases I have read last year. I don’t know which popular actress is, but she is from China whom she married and becoming a citizen in Singapore. She also received the same kind of treatments and criticism her been shame migrating to another country. I shake my head when reading those comments and it was so insulting coming from a idiots.

Anything will happen in entertainment industries especially when the paparazzi that follow them around taking pictures and write stories for living. This kind of things is just getting normal day by day, but it just the million of those people in China don’t see this that way.


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