RGM79C Type GP – Work in Progress # Part 1

It’s time for me to start get working on my Gundam. It took me a while thinking what should I do with three of my MG. it would be a waste leaving like that, and so I decided to buy the MG scale RGM79C - Type C to be used both of my old Gundam RX-78 and Gundam GP01 new mixing projects, except the first MG Zaku II will be fully restore using HiQ Parts. HiQ parts are not cheap kits compare to Kotobukiya and it might push me to start working on the restoring within six to seven months. ^^;;; I guess I have no choice because of my new plan controlling my budget.
Anyway, first of all, the shoulder parts for GP01 are broken and I only done here adding a bit details using Kotobukiya kits I brought recently. I am still thinking how to solve the broken issue and probably might tried to mod it.
RGM-79 TYPE GP Work in Progress 002
As for the leg parts, I only done the sanding and adding details which also includes solving the missing parts. I will start the spraying this week after I received the HLJ order tomorrow.
RGM-79 TYPE GP Work in Progress 004
RGM-79 TYPE GP Work in Progress 005


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