DEP Close Live Messenger Automatically

I don’t know why the hell the DEP tried to close my messenger when the offline message pops up from one of my friends. It’s annoying and it repeats kept shutting down the program. I know the virus is from my friend’s computer and I’m not sure what type of new trojons this time messing with it. I still haven’t found the solutions for it but I did collect some virus removal for the messenger and ask them to try it. Everyone should new to aware the offline message asking you to click the link are fake so please be careful.

I actually solved the DEP problem simply log into my Live Desktop Mail to delete my friend from the contact. Another way of solving this can be done by logging to your Live or Hotmail delete it. I hope this solution will help you guys.


  1. icic.. u also have this problem ah...
    i messing with this problem since yesterday. What i wan to share is i also doubt the virus is come from my friend computer.
    Firstly, i tried to change my msn password and then use another computer (computer B) to sign in my messenger as i hope the computer B will not have DEP such thing..,(i change my password is because computer B is my friend computer, so that he wont know my exact password as i will change it again once settled) i was plan to close the offline messenger once i sign in in computer B. However, the computer B is actually a MacBook and he using an old verison of messenger that cant receive a offline messenger. ( i don know he cant receive offline messenger is because of his old version or Macbook factor).
    At last, he tried to go to sign in my messenger.. as he said the website can sign in messenger as well. After that, he finally close the offline messenger there..
    Next, when i sign in my messenger using my computer, the offline messenger stil pop ups again... but the different is this time the DEP didnt close my messenger anymore. is weird , right.. i also don know how to explain..

  2. that was quite confusing method.hehe..Although, i did however re add the contact. The DEP somehow didn't shut off the live msg again. Live msg is always full of virus nowadays.


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