Hobby Search Hoot! – January 2009

It was faster this time which was original ship from Tuesday. I went straight to the post office yesterday to grab my stuff. My HLJ is also coming and probably I should be able to get it next week before Chinese New Year. This time from Hobby Search, I decided to buy Tamiya cutter, Tamiya Scriber, two Kotobukiya Duct Nozzles and Gundam Fix – RX78-2 Heavy gundam under bargain list.

Hobby Search - January 2009s

You might question me why I don’t simply just buy cutter and scriber locally. It simple, they are expensive even if made from China and the quality is not that good which is why I prefer buying the best quality tools to use for my plastic modeling kits. I have to say the cutter helps me a lot today. As for the Gundam Fix, well, since it’s under the bargain list. Why not just buy it I ask myself. The only disappointment thing I find inside the box include display stand. ><! Argg damn Bandai!

Total damage, = ¥6320.00 Yen.


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