Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) Review

There are many notebook bags and sleeve out there. Most likely, many of you might prefer more stylist and fashion types when bringing out to any cafes or gathering places. Choiix is a new brand specializes on designing life-style accessories for Notebook, Eee PC, Netbook and MID (Mobile Internet Device). I’m sure probably not many of you aware and heard before because it just started not long ago last year on 2008. You can expect more products coming soon this year.

Today I will be reviewing the Choiix Ergonomic Metal Sleeve (C-MB02) with the size allows for carrying 12”-13” W Notebook or even Netbook. The sleeve itself has an aluminum cover use for protecting the LCD and LED panel. The cover is not just for protecting the notebook only, it also feature a studied angle design for putting the notebook on top of the cover to prevent hand injury.

While this sleeve was made with fabric material, you can put on your lap without worrying dealing the heat from the notebook. Just don’t forget the aluminum also help in heat dissipation and the fabric material below helps to prevent scratch on the glass table.

Inside the sleeve, both sides were made with cushions except the horizontal side is naked. The side wasn’t really a big issue, unless you are carrying a size of 14” W notebook. Oh yes you can.

You can adjust the sleeve size, in case you have a thick notebook size. There aren’t many sleeves allow you to do that which is normally fixed size.

Choiix teams really put an effort designing the sleeve and tried make it a good used on everything instead of just using it for carrying notebook like a bag. I don’t find much bad and flaws on the sleeve. But the only complain and missing thing they should do in the first place is including a pouch for allowing carrying the power adapter. Not everyone own a 8 cell batteries. LOL…

I don’t mind not having an external mouse with me. I simply can’t stand on carrying both notebook and power adapter using separate hand. It’s annoying you have to go back to your car to take the power adapter and if you are forgetful person who left home or in the busy place. It could be a real problem. I really hope Choiix design teams will take note on this problem.

Nonetheless, the overall design and features are really great. I have to say I love it and hopefully I will get myself a notebook or Netbook this year. For your information, I currently have no idea what is the retail price or if there are any availability in Brunei at the moment. I will post it in my blog if I find any local shops selling it.

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