My Chinese New Year 2009

Day 1 – Staying At Grand Mom Home

I have to be straight on this, Chinese New Year has become boring to me and many of them admit much like having holidays instead. I stay at my grandmother house the whole day eating and chatting with my cousins only while also waiting for my mom coming back from Singapore. Everyone goes separate way on the visiting and I didn’t know who I should follow. I ended up didn’t visit my mom sister open house and I miss the buffets. ^^;;; Well, still not bad getting lots of red packet. Sometimes eating had to be very careful, which am I almost got sick that day because I ate too much fried junk foods. Hehe…

Day 2 – Miri

IMG_2938 (800x600) Since, I do not have any plans going anywhere on the first day and also on Tuesday. My uncle asked me if I wanted to follow them going down to Miri to visit some of their friends. At first, the biggest problem is that I didn’t check my entry permit after I came back from Singapore last year. I tend to forget things easily because I’m not a person who loves travel. Luckily, my entry permit still allowed me to cross the border before 9th February.

IMG_2947 (800x600) Same as always, every home we visit are foods. I have to say it was a great cook meals and crazy eating the roasted duck. Oh my God, I really have to take some jog sooner. I think my weight is going up lately due to lack of exercise. Damn the rain!

Anyway, I happen spotted the Chinese version Dengeki Hobby Magazine while we drop by in Boulevard Mall and the price is dirt cheaper compared to Hong Kong trying to sell it in US dollar. Too bad I didn’t find the January and February bundles over there as I already guess it completely sold out. Just too bad.

Day 3 – Another Visit and Continue My Unfinished Gunpla

My last for Chinese New Year visit to my relative house for third day. It was actually a not plan on the list, since it just boring in the morning. I should just drop by over there and I didn’t expect another great meals await me there, fried Rolls, Goats, Chicken, Fish and Curry Chicken food done by my uncle alone. Man, I really enjoy eating it without having second thought getting sick sooner. Heck!

IMG_2924 (600x800) After the visit, I head back home and starts continue working on my unfinished gunpla. Like I said before, CNY is boring. So no other plan on the visiting because I knew going alone is lonely. ^^;; That’s all for today. A short post and hate raining.


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