There Are No Limit in Your Future

I can’t really think of a clear idea on the topic, but there is one thing pissed me off on second day of New Year listening something fully I disagree on when people say you can’t expand your future on any business if you work in companies like offshore, oil and gas company etc that based on one career. I was blurring by the words coming from the adult and convince us that this is true. Do you actually believe that as well?

I don’t see there is 100% chance that will happen to anyone having one career that can’t expand their future with another side business. I believe everyone do understand that if you got enough cash in hand to start a side business of your own than it shouldn’t be a problem. But what if those of us who barely had enough money to used each month and support the family? That asshole can’t even answer mine simple question. If you think borrowing money is easy than you should at least think how you going to pay back if your business went down.


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