Happy New Year to All!

Wow…I simply can’t believe tomorrow is New Year. Damn, time gone faster than before or it is because the earth is turning too fast or what? First of all, I would like to wish you all visitors and readers a Happy New Year. It will be another year of struggle for me and I have to settle my debt as soon as possible on my friend side which is what I worried the most. Thanks to my freaking car broke down on me at the end of September. My entire months of 2008 suck big time. Hope it will be a good start for me.


Bad news first, just last weeks ago. According to Brudirect local news site, there are rumors about the Governments going to apply tax in the country soon. Nobody knows until now what kind of tax we might expect and not to mention which systems they are trying to follow. My guess (guess only) is either UK or Singapore system. This is going to look bad for those of us who have a low paid salary every month. I don’t mind paying taxes but the questions are how fair the price we are going to get.


The good news is I won a prize from a survey contest at Choiix Company. That was unexpected Christmas gift from the internet. I’m not sure what type of notebook bag I might be getting. It would be interested to check out the features next month once it arrived at my post or home.


Once again, Happy New Year to everyone and hope you all enjoy tomorrow holiday. Mine? Nothing more than a lonely guy spends his time at home playing game and watching movies. ^^;;


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