First Hobby Search Online Ordering

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This is my first order 1/100 Gundam Double OO, Kotobukiya latest 1/144 Hand Unit A and B from Hobby Search. It took only less than a week to arrive. I predict it might delay due to the holiday and Christmas so near. But it was originally suppose to be no order on November but it somehow my email did not reach the sales for cancellation last two month. And because of this, I am now dealing with another blow on my debt this month and if I cancel during the shipment process, I will definitely get 20% charge for cancellation fee which is not worth it.


I hate to say this, Hobby Search cancelling system is very bad and I doesn’t like a bit which is worst than Hobby Link Japan (HLJ). You can cancel anytime you want without question if you made a mistake on the orders or stop buying it if you having some financial problem. In Hobby Search, you have to contact them to cancel it. What annoy me is they will ask you again for confirmation. The only thing that HLJ can’t compare with them is the point system. You gain point by buying their stuffs and used it for discounts. I have not tried it since this is my first purchase, but I really do hope the points might help me with the discount.


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