Finally! Video Card Replacement Arrived!



Yahoooo!!! My new replacement card finally arrived from Taiwan. Thanks to Palit, willing to replace a new one for me. I spend a few hours doing the cable management and final test all my hardware before making sure everything is good to go for Vista installation. After that, there will be cleaning and tidying my room. Thanks to the fucking ants damaging my wall and trying to start their new home. Hate these insects the most.


Anyway, I forget tomorrow something about Chinese special days. ^^;;;


  1. Hey starboykb! It's me, Wolf Akela! :D

    I assume you've already noticed the forum closed? :( Made me sad, but anyways, congrats on getting the replacement card. I never knew you had a DA account too, so I'm adding you to my contacts there as well. I have no idea how to add friends on Blogspot.

  2. Not really sure if the forum is closed but we will have to see next year if it going to be up. I havent update my deviant for quite a while. ^^;;;


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