My Seagate Warranty Is Back!



Finally, I got it today from UPS delivery. I am glad my trip to Singapore was not a waste. If you buy a hard disk drive or any portable storage, make sure you check your warranty directly in any manufacturer official site for details for Brunei. I have a source out there telling me that that Western Digital hard disk are actually carrying three year warranty, but the local decided to sell for six month warranty to ensure their stock can be easily clear.


My advices to all local buyers to check the warranty carefully so that you won’t have to spend another hard earn money for a new one. If you can warranty yourself through the online, I don’t see why not spend a little on the packaging box and postage. I done mine, I pack myself and only pay for B$4.20 dollar only for postage and registering.




The only problem I see is the hard disk will be sent to repair instead of new one, like the picture above showing a sticker labelling “Seagate Certified Repair”. This is actually normal, both Malaysia and Singapore local PC shop will definitely asked you to warranty yourself if the one to one exchange warranty they offer is over. For example like two weeks or one month. Only in Brunei, they will offer six month one to one. However, the only different is Singapore and Malaysia have their own factory centre, so they are much easier sending for warranty.


Anyway, I tested mine on my PC still not working. Only other PC works fine which I don’t really understand why mine doesn’t work. Well, got to wait for another video card replacement to arrived next week before using the new portable drive.


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