HLJ Order for April 2011

I am seriously going nuts hunting HGUC Gunpla nowadays. Not like I don’t like Master Grade kits anymore, it just nowadays getting harder and harder to build due to the work stress. Telling me to stop buying is impossible right now, unless the car loan started to charge into my account. Arggg…I really have to admit spending is the biggest issue of my life these days.

As you can see in this photo, most of the HGUC kits are Advance of Zeta. I never thought about getting them, it just attracting me so much I have to grab it doing the mixing. Hopefully I am able to find the suitable Titan spray paints in the local store next month. So I can start building them.

Hiatus Mode

Kinda having a long break, I did plan to start this Monday posting. Bad news just kept coming and one of my aunts passed away suddenly. It is very sad news indeed for everyone in the family when seeing her so happy cooking and joking around last hours.

According to my uncle, the cause of death is likely hypertension (high blood pressure) because my aunt does have it even though the doctor says it’s a heart attack. Since her body never sent for investigation due to no life insurance. Things still have to bury in the dark forever. However, this is also lesson to most of us not to be sticking to traditions. If you don’t feel well, look for doctors and spend some money for checkup when you can prevent it.

Rest in peace my aunt…

China Shipping Issue

Alright, seems like some of you folks are not happy with Buyincoins.com shop and telling me you got cheated. I’m not really sure what the stories between you and the seller are. But so far until now I haven’t experience any problem or encounter no refund issues.

Here’s the tip. Just in case, you are in worst scenario and are using PayPal for online payment. Do remember that you can file report in Paypal against any seller within 45 days for not receiving your orders, feel cheated, dishonest or whatever things you unhappy with. Open a case there, that way you are protected and giving more time settlement including negotiations with the sellers.

However, one thing you got to remember and make sure you doesn’t choose EMS shipping. It appears Brunei is excluded from the China Post EMS service list. This was confirmed by several China sellers. Only registered mail option is available and I use that a lot continue receiving my orders. It just takes longer to arrive only.

Gundam Striker Done!

Finally got the Gundam Striker finished yesterday. Luckily the final result turn out good and able to completed without much problem. Well, except losing a GM Len so the head is just kept for spare part. I will begin taking the photos soon once the new DIY setup photo booth is done.
The next Gunpla work will be either AOZ Wagtail upgrade or Gundam OO XN kit which both already started working yesterday. But most likely going to focus on Wagtail side, one will maintain as original EFSF demonstrations GM Wagtail and another with Gundam head type with few modifications. The Wagtail kit is a bit challenging and still figure how to put the beam sword on both shoulder. It was sad that Dengeki Hobby May 2011 issue didn’t cover that technique. All else I wouldn’t be that headache.

Transformers Grapple Get!

I simply couldn’t ignore Grapple in the local shop and decided to break the bank taking him into my collection. Damn me! Anyway, I would like to correct the price previously mention in the last post. The price is actually $53.90, not $58.90. Sorry about that!

Hasbro Transformers Collectors Club

Never thought I would be so addicted to the Transformers toys and finally decide also jumping into the club too. It was suppose planning to join last year, I just hold off due uninterested membership figure except for one, Punch/Counter Punch. I’m sure you guys are curious what so special about the Transformers Collectors Club. Here are the lists of the things you might expect as a TFCC member.

  • New Releases
  • Character Profiles
  • News from Hasbro
  • Product Reviews
  • Historical Articles
  • Hasbro Interviews
  • Six page ongoing Comic (Each year’s issues will 'combine' to make one complete story arc)
  • FREE Membership Transformers figure (if you join by March 15th each year)
  • Transformers Club Shop offering club discounts on Transformers toys
  • Ability to purchase member's only figures from the Club store
  • Discounts on packages to the official Transformers Convention: BotCon
  • Member's Only Forum
  • Prizes from Club Contests
  • FREE Auctions and Advertisements on MCAX.com (coming soon!)

Of course this entire stuff comes at cost for US$78.00 yearly subscriptions. Come on, no such thing is free. Yes, it is expensive from my point of view for international subscriber. Do note that this is shipped directly from the US.

Well to be honest, there isn’t much interested about the club unless you are planning attending the Botcon event because there is special discount package for registration. TFCC also gives you a private access to member’s forum. However, it’s boring and quiet there.

As for the magazine, I already received my first issue (March/April) few days ago. Kinda disappointed I am expecting from the club. Only the comic sections are at least fun reading. I feel the editor wasted too much unnecessary pages on the interviews and character profiles. Hopefully the next upcoming issue will be better.

Now, according to the latest news pre-ordering TFCC exclusive toys should begin on 25th this month. I am going to hunt down G2 Ramjet to complete my seekers collection. As for the TFCC free member toy will shipped after the Botcon event which is around June. Not sure yet if I am eligible receiving this year free toy because I register it on the day of 15th march last month before it expire. The TFCC staffs are not that kind of friendly, even their respond to my question above is hardly understandable.

Please do note that for international members, after you have register and purchase TFCC membership. We are requiring scanning our identification and credit card both front and back for submission. It looks unsafe but according to them it is necessary in their policy. Read the Terms and Conditions for more information.

No Longer 1999 for Toys

What do you think? I personally feel Hobby Search is becoming worse Japanese toy store than before and getting more expensive on the shipping. It’s not like I am so cheap or whatsoever. I just find hard to believe the total amount for the shipping fee I am paying for are ridiculously getting expensive. No matter how many items I buy thinking it might reduce the weight of the shipping cost. Sadly, it just doesn’t happen.

Last month, I was looking for Transformers United Blur and Preceptor because I missed the Hasbro wave in RK. HLJ doesn’t have any stocks so I decided to buy from there at the same time getting another Dengeki Hobby May 2011 with Wagtail kit again. What I didn’t expect the shipping fee hits me with 3,500 yen.

I know magazine and books cost a lot on shipping. But seriously, one magazine and two small TF toys that heavy? This is somewhat kinda bullshit system calculation. If I brought three magazines with one book and weapon kit that can only cost me 4,000 yen at HLJ. How the heck Hobby Search able to charge me such amount?  The shipping fee should be lesser that I pay for. No matter, if it’s not because I missed my collections. I won’t be paying it. This will be my last and won’t order anything again.

Undecided Next Gunpla Project

Almost 5 weeks now I haven’t built any single Gunpla and just keep buying. The feeling I still having are the option parts not enough. Arg! What the hell! This is ridiculous reason and stupid of me always thinking like that. Even though, the next plan is already set to start tomorrow continuing Gundam Striker I stop half way. So what‘s next for me still undecided. Truly headache!

Luckily I kept the collectors and modeler’s website bookmarks. All I need to do is search for those who have similar liking just only mixed and match Gundam parts. Too bad the only site I can find is Hobby Notoriko. He is not professional on modeling or painting but rather really damn creative in creating mixed and match kits. Many of his works look fascinating and thanks to him, I already have some ideas what to do next. The only things left are just waiting for my next HLJ order ready to ship out.

I Saw the Devil

Long time didn’t even bother to check out the Korean movie. But somehow this movie does makes me want to watch!

CM Cosmos 1000 Inspections Finished

It is now done! Last week I was only doing some dust cleaning and swapping all the hardware out to the newly purchase mini tower. I do not need another tower chassis as it really occupy too much space especially my sister just use the PC for movies and surfing. All four original 120mm fans are working and the chassis still looking good. Any interested buyer can contact me and the final price is B$160.00.

The new mini tower I given to my sister is Cooler Master Elite 360 I brought from QQeStore last month. It offers quite good bargain (B$98.00) in term of quality build and design allow to fit in the large GeminII CPU heat sink. Although fitting the remaining fans bracket is impossible. Luckily the side panel saves my day which allows installing either 80mm or 120mm fans and also blowing directly to both CPU and heatsink. It was indeed a good chassis.

Transformers G2 Prime and Wreck Gar Spotted!

When I thought the Hasbro G2 Optimus Prime is a goner in Asia online shop and had to go through eBay. I was lucky enough to find him sold in the Nanyang toy shop at KB. Wreck Gar also there and is the last remaining. Without letting go the last one, I decided to grab both of them first. All else I am going to regret again. For your information, it’s $28.90 each. Man, I really hate to say the Optimus is getting smaller. No matter, his upgrade is coming.

Also the first series of voyager version also available which sold for $58.90 $53.90 each and I am planning to get Grapple next month. April is a bit tight so I have to hold off for now unless something good happen. Hopefully I am able to see Warpath to be available soon.

One more thing, in case you missed out the Hasbro Transformers Universe / Classic 3-Pack that contains Rodimus, Cyclonus & Galvatron. Nanyang local toy shop has in stock too.

March Order 2011

This is the Transformers Reveal the Shield Wave 4 order from Robotkingdom.com. The pack consist Kup, Sourge, Thundercracker and Wheeljack. Love them all and I can’t wait for Kup new head upgrade from iGear because the new one simply looks so weird and ugly.

As for the Inferno, I really made a huge mistake holding for so long last year. He is now worth more the US$60 by now. Even Ramjet jumps to that amount too. I am really regretted unable to grab the last Seeker in my collections. But I decided to joined the TF Club and hopefully able to pre-order the G2 Ramjet completing the seekers. Still I haven’t heard any news for the confirmation from the US about my member approval when the payment already made. Hopefully nothing went wrong.

Now, one of the most popular collection last month should be the Advance of Zeta “Wagtail” upgrade kit. I decided to order three magazines and AOZ: The Traitor to Destiny Visual Book Vol 1. I may be insane getting three but there is another extra coming from Hobby Search and probably shipped next week with two TF United toys. I really give a lot of thought how many should I hunt down the “Wagtail” to satisfy myself. But with recent HLJ discount on the HGUC RGM-79C GM Type C. It’s best for me to go ahead. Man, I hope Dengeki Hobby has another upgrade coming along and it’s the Hi Zack “Vanargand” upgrade kit. The one is bad ass!

New eSpeed2 Rate

Stupid value surf rate! $3.00 off only and the rest get benefit? How thoughtful has Telbru done on the new rate. Nonetheless, I am still thinking if going for the fastest one is a wise decision. I find it quite a hard choosing to pay extra $10 (2Mbps) or $20 (3.5Mbps). Although I did feel 2Mbps is only 1x extra speed but by looking at my current situation and burden in the future. I need to think carefully before applying.