CM Cosmos 1000 Inspections Finished

It is now done! Last week I was only doing some dust cleaning and swapping all the hardware out to the newly purchase mini tower. I do not need another tower chassis as it really occupy too much space especially my sister just use the PC for movies and surfing. All four original 120mm fans are working and the chassis still looking good. Any interested buyer can contact me and the final price is B$160.00.

The new mini tower I given to my sister is Cooler Master Elite 360 I brought from QQeStore last month. It offers quite good bargain (B$98.00) in term of quality build and design allow to fit in the large GeminII CPU heat sink. Although fitting the remaining fans bracket is impossible. Luckily the side panel saves my day which allows installing either 80mm or 120mm fans and also blowing directly to both CPU and heatsink. It was indeed a good chassis.


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