Gundam Striker Done!

Finally got the Gundam Striker finished yesterday. Luckily the final result turn out good and able to completed without much problem. Well, except losing a GM Len so the head is just kept for spare part. I will begin taking the photos soon once the new DIY setup photo booth is done.
The next Gunpla work will be either AOZ Wagtail upgrade or Gundam OO XN kit which both already started working yesterday. But most likely going to focus on Wagtail side, one will maintain as original EFSF demonstrations GM Wagtail and another with Gundam head type with few modifications. The Wagtail kit is a bit challenging and still figure how to put the beam sword on both shoulder. It was sad that Dengeki Hobby May 2011 issue didn’t cover that technique. All else I wouldn’t be that headache.


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