March Order 2011

This is the Transformers Reveal the Shield Wave 4 order from The pack consist Kup, Sourge, Thundercracker and Wheeljack. Love them all and I can’t wait for Kup new head upgrade from iGear because the new one simply looks so weird and ugly.

As for the Inferno, I really made a huge mistake holding for so long last year. He is now worth more the US$60 by now. Even Ramjet jumps to that amount too. I am really regretted unable to grab the last Seeker in my collections. But I decided to joined the TF Club and hopefully able to pre-order the G2 Ramjet completing the seekers. Still I haven’t heard any news for the confirmation from the US about my member approval when the payment already made. Hopefully nothing went wrong.

Now, one of the most popular collection last month should be the Advance of Zeta “Wagtail” upgrade kit. I decided to order three magazines and AOZ: The Traitor to Destiny Visual Book Vol 1. I may be insane getting three but there is another extra coming from Hobby Search and probably shipped next week with two TF United toys. I really give a lot of thought how many should I hunt down the “Wagtail” to satisfy myself. But with recent HLJ discount on the HGUC RGM-79C GM Type C. It’s best for me to go ahead. Man, I hope Dengeki Hobby has another upgrade coming along and it’s the Hi Zack “Vanargand” upgrade kit. The one is bad ass!


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