Transformers G2 Prime and Wreck Gar Spotted!

When I thought the Hasbro G2 Optimus Prime is a goner in Asia online shop and had to go through eBay. I was lucky enough to find him sold in the Nanyang toy shop at KB. Wreck Gar also there and is the last remaining. Without letting go the last one, I decided to grab both of them first. All else I am going to regret again. For your information, it’s $28.90 each. Man, I really hate to say the Optimus is getting smaller. No matter, his upgrade is coming.

Also the first series of voyager version also available which sold for $58.90 $53.90 each and I am planning to get Grapple next month. April is a bit tight so I have to hold off for now unless something good happen. Hopefully I am able to see Warpath to be available soon.

One more thing, in case you missed out the Hasbro Transformers Universe / Classic 3-Pack that contains Rodimus, Cyclonus & Galvatron. Nanyang local toy shop has in stock too.


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