Undecided Next Gunpla Project

Almost 5 weeks now I haven’t built any single Gunpla and just keep buying. The feeling I still having are the option parts not enough. Arg! What the hell! This is ridiculous reason and stupid of me always thinking like that. Even though, the next plan is already set to start tomorrow continuing Gundam Striker I stop half way. So what‘s next for me still undecided. Truly headache!

Luckily I kept the collectors and modeler’s website bookmarks. All I need to do is search for those who have similar liking just only mixed and match Gundam parts. Too bad the only site I can find is Hobby Notoriko. He is not professional on modeling or painting but rather really damn creative in creating mixed and match kits. Many of his works look fascinating and thanks to him, I already have some ideas what to do next. The only things left are just waiting for my next HLJ order ready to ship out.


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