Hasbro Transformers Collectors Club

Never thought I would be so addicted to the Transformers toys and finally decide also jumping into the club too. It was suppose planning to join last year, I just hold off due uninterested membership figure except for one, Punch/Counter Punch. I’m sure you guys are curious what so special about the Transformers Collectors Club. Here are the lists of the things you might expect as a TFCC member.

  • New Releases
  • Character Profiles
  • News from Hasbro
  • Product Reviews
  • Historical Articles
  • Hasbro Interviews
  • Six page ongoing Comic (Each year’s issues will 'combine' to make one complete story arc)
  • FREE Membership Transformers figure (if you join by March 15th each year)
  • Transformers Club Shop offering club discounts on Transformers toys
  • Ability to purchase member's only figures from the Club store
  • Discounts on packages to the official Transformers Convention: BotCon
  • Member's Only Forum
  • Prizes from Club Contests
  • FREE Auctions and Advertisements on MCAX.com (coming soon!)

Of course this entire stuff comes at cost for US$78.00 yearly subscriptions. Come on, no such thing is free. Yes, it is expensive from my point of view for international subscriber. Do note that this is shipped directly from the US.

Well to be honest, there isn’t much interested about the club unless you are planning attending the Botcon event because there is special discount package for registration. TFCC also gives you a private access to member’s forum. However, it’s boring and quiet there.

As for the magazine, I already received my first issue (March/April) few days ago. Kinda disappointed I am expecting from the club. Only the comic sections are at least fun reading. I feel the editor wasted too much unnecessary pages on the interviews and character profiles. Hopefully the next upcoming issue will be better.

Now, according to the latest news pre-ordering TFCC exclusive toys should begin on 25th this month. I am going to hunt down G2 Ramjet to complete my seekers collection. As for the TFCC free member toy will shipped after the Botcon event which is around June. Not sure yet if I am eligible receiving this year free toy because I register it on the day of 15th march last month before it expire. The TFCC staffs are not that kind of friendly, even their respond to my question above is hardly understandable.

Please do note that for international members, after you have register and purchase TFCC membership. We are requiring scanning our identification and credit card both front and back for submission. It looks unsafe but according to them it is necessary in their policy. Read the Terms and Conditions for more information.


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