China Shipping Issue

Alright, seems like some of you folks are not happy with shop and telling me you got cheated. I’m not really sure what the stories between you and the seller are. But so far until now I haven’t experience any problem or encounter no refund issues.

Here’s the tip. Just in case, you are in worst scenario and are using PayPal for online payment. Do remember that you can file report in Paypal against any seller within 45 days for not receiving your orders, feel cheated, dishonest or whatever things you unhappy with. Open a case there, that way you are protected and giving more time settlement including negotiations with the sellers.

However, one thing you got to remember and make sure you doesn’t choose EMS shipping. It appears Brunei is excluded from the China Post EMS service list. This was confirmed by several China sellers. Only registered mail option is available and I use that a lot continue receiving my orders. It just takes longer to arrive only.


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